Expectations of the New Primary Curriculum

The New National Curriculum came in to force in September 2014 for years 1,3,4 and 5.  Year 2 and 6 followed the previous curriculum until September 2015 in order to meet the requirements of the end of key stage assessments that were still in place. 
From 2015 all year groups will follow the new curriculum.  This has changed in its expectations of what children need to know by the end of each year group.  Attached are the West Sussex documents that state the expectations for each year group over time. 
Children who are in the older year groups will not have worked from this curriculum initially, therefore there will be some 'catching up' to do in order for them to fulfil these requirements.  At Albourne our main aim is to ensure that all children are making good progress from their own starting point, and are given rich and exciting learning opportunities to embed their learning.