Active Albourne!

Active Albourne!



The results of Active Albourne are in! The winners of the KS1, trophy by quite some margin, were Oak with Willow and Walnut in joint second and Alder just one point behind them in fourth. The KS2 competition was a much closer affair, with Walnut edging out Alder by just one point, Oak in third and Willow in fourth.

A huge well done to the 58 children who took part in this year’s competition. It’s great to know that so many of you were keeping active during lockdown! If you want to keep a record of your achievement, a certificate is available to download below.

Monday 25th May will see the launch of Active Albourne, a competition that will replace this year’s sports day and aims to get children and adults active this summer. The challenge requires you to be active for at least 30 minutes, five times each week. For each week you are active, you will earn a point for your house team/your child’s team. The activity is up to you – just as long as you’re moving and your body is working. 


At the end of the 6 week challenge, we will collect in results and the team with the most points will be crowned champions and receive the sports day cup.


Good luck and enjoy getting active!

Recording your activity

Use the forms below to record your activity. You could write down what you did each day and/or colour in each medal. At the end of each week, please sign children’s sheets just to show that an adult has checked it. We will be collecting the results from 6th -  12th July and announcing which team has won the following week. You will be able to hand-in or post forms  or email results through if either of the other options are not possible.

Ideas for keeping active
There are so many different ways to keep your body active and healthy. Here are just a few: walking, running, cycling, exercise routines (Joe Wicks, Jump Start Jonny, Go Noodle etc), gardening, dance.
Keeping Active
Joe Wicks, the Body Coach is doing a daily workout on Youtube at 9am.
Go Noodle is a great site/app full of workouts, dance routines and activities to promote being active and mindfulness.
The BBC's Supermovers has lots of routines to help children learn a variety of curiculum skills, all while being active!
Jump Start Jonny is all about getting children active! Follow the link to the Youtube account for both active and chilled out routines to get you moving.
Dance with Oti Mabuse on facebook. This goes up every day at 11:30am but you can view the class at any time!
Try some of these personal challenge activities. Can you beat your previous best score?
Chance to shine!
If you want fun and easy to play games that help you to develop into a superstar cricketer then check out the Chance to Shine YouTube channel or website. You could become the next Ben Stokes or Heather Knight.