Albourne family- Perseverance

18th May 2020

We have had quite a chilled day today.  We had 13 children in total, 9 in KS1 and 4 in KS2. We started the week on perseverance with a collective worship about the Incy Wincey Spider.  We then split for French and exercise (Go Noodle) for half an hour for each group. 

After break we did our reading and number activities.  KS1 did a number hunt around the classroom, 1:1 reading and we read ‘Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,’ said the Sloth by Eric Carle.

In the afternoon KS1 watched ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’, also by Eric Carle. Then we did Ephemeral art, collecting natural materials from outside to create insects.

KS2 spent the afternoon creating short stop-motion animation clips using Monkey Jam software. This was a first for us all and the children were very proud of their end results!