Albourne family- playground games and pigeons.

27th April 2020

In the morning KS1 read the book, ‘Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus’.  After reading the book we watched the first episode of Mo Willems (the author’s) lunchtime doodles online and joined in learning how to draw the pigeon.  After break we watched episode 4 and made finger puppets and our own mini town using junk modelling resources.

KS2 had some 1:1 time with adults to read then played Countdown for some number learning. We then learned what a ‘pastime’ was and briefly looked at the origins of board games and playground games such as skipping, hoop racing and hopscotch. The children developed their own playground games in order to teach some to the younger children in the afternoon.

For the first part of the afternoon KS2 shared their playground games they had learned in the morning and taught KS1 how to play ‘ice cream’ and hopscotch. 

During the afternoon, KS2 worked in pairs to design and make their own board games. They had to test and tweak them as well as write a set of rules for them. The children spent some time playing their games before choosing to go back outside to do some more skipping and other playground games.