Albourne family- shells and Forest School

7th April 2020

We've had a really lovely day in school. We only had three children in which really meant we could go with their interests. After collective worship and reading, Mr Fawcett shared some shells and other artifacts that they loved discussing and sketching. We then spent breaktime in the Robins' outside area and the three of them started a role play that developed into something that lasted all day. It was amazing just watching them interact so positively and creatively so we decided to delay what we had planned and just go with it.


After lunch we spent some time in the Forest School area, led by Mrs T and Mr Fawcett -we spotted 15 newts and 2 ginormous dragonfly larvae in the Forest School pond The role play then continued with the three of them ending the day by deciding to go home and write their own volumes of The Orphan Adventures.