Albourne family-maths games and asteroids

29th April 2020

We had a lovely day today despite the weather - only 7 in. We spent the morning playing a maths game: First Down the Mountain, which required the children to think logically and think about the possibility of fairness and chance. The group had to roll two 1-6 dice, add the numbers and then move that counter down the board. First one to the WIN sign.. wins. They were able to work out that the original game board was unfair (as all numbers started at the top and some numbers have more ways to be made using a 1-6 dice than others) so we redesigned it to make it fair. We then discussed that using dice will always give us an element of chance e.g. if there are 6 ways to make 7 on a 1-6 dice and only one way to make 2 then 7 is more likely to be rolled. However, you can't control what the dice rolls so you may well roll two 1's a lot!! All the mind-blowing thoughts.


Then we learned about the 'near-Earth' asteroid that is passing Earth today (some 3 million miles away!), so some wanted to do a painting to represent it and others fancied learning more about asteroids and space and did PowerPoints. They were fascinated by NASA's definition of 'near-Earth' being within 5 million miles of our planet! This carried on into the afternoon. We (finally) went outside for the last 20 mins as the rain stopped. No walk or outside lunch play today due to the weather, so Darcie ran us through the I'm Still Standing dance from Go Noodle to keep us active.