Albourne family-VE Day

4th May 2020
This week the children in school are learning about VE Day ready for Friday 8th celebrations.
This page will grow as more is covered.

Monday 4th

We have had a lovely day kick-starting VE Week.  We started altogether in the hall.  We gave the children pictures of VE Day, but without telling them anything about them, and asked them to look at them and discuss what they thought was happening and when they were taken.  After initial thoughts we introduced that they were all from the same day and we looked at each photo (taken from the Imperial War Museum website) in detail, then watched the BBC Bitesize video about VE Day.

KS1 then went to make medals and KS2 stayed in the hall to order a timeline of WW2 and turn their morning’s work into displays which are in the hall. 

For the rest of the day each key stage took turns in doing some 1940s dance and making bunting. We all got together at the end of the day to share our dances.  
Tuesday: we talked about rationing and Dig for Victory and briefly about the Blitz. We then created victory gardens with vegetable patches, Anderson shelters etc.
Wednesday: KS2 painted as many European flags as we could just using the six colours red, blue, black, green, orange and yellow. We've hung them around the excellent timeline made earlier in the week.
Thursday was the final VE day celebration. KS1 did some gardening - digging for victory. They planted carrot seeds and some pumpkin plants so please water these over the next few weeks! The carrots are on Robins' window shelf in green tray, the pumpkin plants are next to Year 1. 
KS2 learned a little more about the dig for victory campaign and created their own posters after studying some real ones. 
This afternoon we went for a walk (hopefully a new one!) The boys liked re-enacting the Blitz...