Albourne Family-World Earth Day

22nd April 2020

Activities were based on our chosen charity, WWF. 

KS1 focused their activities on tigers. They did some tasks based on ‘The tiger that came to tea’.
KS2 started with some tiger activities including a quiz and then moved on to creating top trumps on a range of animals the WWF takes care of. 



Some leafy faces we made, gathering natural materials in the beautiful sunshine on Earth Day.
We have had a busy morning doing activities for World Earth Day. We have made flower crowns from dandelions and Natalie has researched all about her favourite endangered animal the Snow Leopard and we also did something she has been asking us to do for a while and sponsored a snow leopard through the WWF, this has by far been her favourite activity.   
Lauren was involved in the planning for World Earth Day and was quite sad she wasn't at school. So we have done it at home. One of the things we talked about was the impact that Coronavirus has had on air pollution levels around the world and we looked at photographs and satellite images. 
Here are photos of an experiment we did about dirty and clean air. They lit a match in one jar and left the other one clear to see the difference.