Children in Need!

13th November 2015
Albourne School Council led a fantastic Children in Need day on 13th November, deciding that a 'pyjama day' would be a great way to raise money.  Children - and staff - came dressed in colourful pyjamas and onesies in return for a donation, but still managed to stay awake to get their work completed! 
The School Council also ran a 'Name the Monkey' competition during the week to raise further funds, with lots of people keen to think of a name.  The winning name, drawn from the hat, will be announced shortly, as will the final total raised.
Ella from Kestrels' class wrote an acrostic poem to sum up the reasons for our fundraising:
Children all over the world need our help.
Happy or sad, they still need us.
It can change their lives, by giving just a little kindness.
Little or big, they still need us.
Doesn't matter if they don't even realise
Right thing to do is.....give a helping hand.
Everyone can give just a little care -
It's just a little donation or encouragement that makes a difference.
No-one can say no to help.
Everything, can help:
Donations, encouragement, kindness and care is all that they need to change their lives.