Our curriculum

‘Growing together on our learning journey’

Curriculum Intent

Our belief is that all children, regardless of their background, learn best when they are happy, secure and engaged.  Our Christian values and ethos are the basis for the development of the whole child academically, emotionally, morally, socially and spiritually. We achieve this through appropriate, challenging activities to help them develop as reflective learners.  Our inclusive curriculum is personalised for all learners and delivered in a way in which every child is accepted and valued for their individuality.  Children say they are given 'a chance to shine'.


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is coherently sequenced to enable every child to build on prior knowledge by making connections and through a range of experiences to reach clearly defined end points. Our curriculum is designed and sequenced in order to develop them as lifelong learners by encouraging their independence and curiosity. By developing this essential knowledge and cultural capital, the children can be active and responsible citizens, making a successful contribution to society.


Curriculum Implementation


A clearly thought out progression of the curriculum, encompassing national and West Sussex expectations, enables children to learn a range of concepts that are consolidated and developed as they advance through the school allowing them to flourish.


Clear strategic planning allows our curriculum to be dynamic.  We use the context of the school and local environment as well as the children’s needs and interests to enhance the curriculum. Key questions of enquiry are used for subjects through which children are given opportunities to make judgements about and share their learning. 


Teacher subject knowledge is fundamental to the successful teaching of our curriculum. Teachers are supported by subject leaders to develop their curriculum pedagogy. Subject leaders are developing knowledge organisers for subjects taught, outlining key concepts and vocabulary, to ensure a depth of knowledge and progression across the year groups.


Teaching and learning is responsive to children’s needs.  A range of approaches are used including opportunities for choice in presentation, subject matter and learning.  We use high quality resources to inspire and engage children in their learning such as artefacts, photographs, texts, films and paintings. Trips and visits are carefully planned to enrich learning and to ensure children have a wide range of experiences.


Reading is the foundation stone of knowledge.  Therefore, key texts used in English link to our subjects and topics which increases children’s exposure to subject specific concepts and vocabulary in a variety of contexts.  Please see our ‘English’ page for information on how we implement reading. 


Children reflect on their learning independently and through discussions with teachers.  Feedback allows them to identify next steps for improvement and teachers adapt their teaching accordingly.


Curriculum Impact

Leaders monitor throughout the year to gauge the impact of the curriculum design and to identify successes and highlight areas of development.


As they grow on their learning journey, children acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to achieve well academically, emotionally, morally, socially and spiritually and be ready for the next stage of their education. 


Perseverance   Aspiration   Respect   Responsibility   Kindness   Courage

The below link is an overview of the whole school's curriculum.  It includes the main themes for each year; the values we are focusing on for each half term as well as other important events.
The 'Trips and Experiences' link shows the main outings and experiences the children will experience this year.
Please click on the year group links below where you will be able to see our focuses in each area of learning this year.

If you would like more information about the curriculum we offer, please speak to Ms Keeling or Mrs Cragg.

What our children say about learning:
 "I like learning, I find it tricky sometimes." Yr 6
"All the teachers are kind and look after me and I feel confident in lessons." Yr 6
"I love school and learning. School is fun." Yr 4
"I like being on a table with my friends- we help each other. I like all of the subjects." Yr 4
"I know I am making progress because I was reading a poem and Mrs M said that I was really good and getting better with my reading." Yr 3
"I am making progress. I can't really explain why but I am." Yr 2