Enable Me visit

9th June 2016
A visit from the 'Enable Me' Disability Awareness team has been a fanatastic experience today! One of our Year 6 children reports:
'On the 9th June 2016, several inspirational people from the Enable Me project and charity took over Albourne CE Primary School.  They taught us all mind-boggling facts, and shared many of their stories and experiences to help us to understand what it's like to have a disability, and to become aware of disabilities that we may not be able to notice or distinguish in everyday surroundings.'
As part of the experience , Chris showed the children how to use a wheelchair and challenged them to some competitive games, and Adam organised Boccia tournaments, as well as demonstrating his own talent in this sport.  Amanda shared her experience of hidden disabilities, and Jonty told the older children about life after a stroke. 
It has been a great opportunity for all the children to develop a better understanding of the challenges faced by people living  with a disablity, but also the opportunity to realise how they overcome these difficulties, and to have fun with our visitors alongside the learning!
'Today I learned that my ability or disability belongs to  me.'
'I found Jonty's story quite emotional.'
'I learned that you could play games with a disability'.
'I didn't know that you could have more than one disability and that some disabilities are hidden.'