Some feedback from the children at Albourne about their love for English...
"I love the freedom you get when you write and the recognition. It makes you feel noticed. Everyone can write really well but they might not know it yet."
"I love using the books as inspiration for my writing."
"You get to read stories that are really good but might look like they would be dull."
"I like finding a new word and then finding a context to use it in."
"When you're head is down and you focus, you just get lost in it."
"We do nursery rhymes and activities."
"Learning! I love learning!"
Thank you to those who came to our GPS Open Morning.
It was a big success and the children took a lot of pride in showing and teaching their parents how to use various grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.

English develops children's abilities to listen, speak, read and write for a wide range of purpose including using language to learn and communicate ideas, views and feelings.  It enables children to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, as they become enthusastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama, as well as non-fiction and media texts.  Leaners gain an understanding of how language works by looking at its patterns, structures and origins.  Children use their knowledge, skills and understanding in speaking and writing across a range of different situations and subjects.

We believe that each child should be given every opportunity to improve and progress their knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of English.  Every child should know what they are able to do well and how they can improve their skills further.  Through direction from adults working with the child, and discussions with their peers, we believe that every child will have the potential to do their best and show the progress expected of them.

At the heart of our English teaching and learning is the cohesion between writing, reading and punctuation/grammar - with pupils understanding how they interrelate and being able to articulate this to others/adults.

Our shared love of reading is visible across the school.  Pupils read a wide range of texts and enjoy ‘losing themselves’ in books. 

We have a strong emphasis on all pupil writing (across all subject areas) having a real audience and purpose.  Pupils actively seek to understand and engage with their audience, taking responsibility for proof-reading their own draft work and then enthusiastically seeking feedback in order to improve it.

Pupils’ books clearly evidence this active process with all stages of the writing process visible, including choices and improvements made.   Pupils’ books clearly show progress that pupils have made in their writing over time.