English Open Morning

3rd February 2016
Thank you to all the parents who joined us this morning for our English open morning.  It was great to see parents joining in with the learning in all classes.  The children love to share what they are doing.  There were many positive comments from parents at the end of the sessions - here are just a few of them:
'Great seeing them in their classrooms and the work they are doing. They seem to really be enjoying themselves'
'Interesting to hear about the new curriculum and expectations, it is good to see that Albourne is working to make things as fun and creative as possible for the children'
'Really good to see what they do in class and how fun it is!'
'Great learning. I loved the 'shape' poems and group work in year 3.  Very informative information about the changing curriuculum. Thank you!'
'Thanks for everything you do.  My daughter loves school'
If you were unable to join us, please  click here to access some of the information and resources.