February 2022

1st February 2022
Friday 4th February
Yummy Fractions!
Year 4 investigated fractions and solved problems using real sweets. It was very tempting not to eat a 'fraction' of them!
Arts Council Reps
The Albourne Arts Council Representatives met for the first time today with Mrs Pooley who is the Art & Design Subject lead. As a whole school community, we have embarked on the Artsmark Award journey (Artsmark being the only creative quality standard for schools and education settings, accredited by Arts Council England) and we have ambitions to strive towards achieving the Gold Award. The newly appointed reps. will play a vital role in representing pupil voice in the realm of the arts across the school. The 'arts' include music, drama, dance art and design.
Friday 11th February
Year 5 had lots of fun experimenting with different solutes and solvents to find out which were reversible and irreversible. 
The Hedgehog Man
Today a man and came to tell KS1 and Year 3 about hedgehogs. He brought his rescue hedgehog called Harry with him.