June 2022

6th June 2022
Year 3 - Kingfishers 
We have been using Digimaps for Schools on laptops to help us become familiar with features of maps and to find out more of the geography of the South Downs ahead of our field-trip to Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill next week.
Year 5
Year 5 have had a great DT day learning about bridges and then designing and creating their own, have a look:
SPORTS DAY 17.06.2022
A game of skill involving throwing and golf strategies, enjoyed by year 5. In teams, they developed their own courses using a range of equipment and devised their own rules and points system! 
Year 5 Arts Week: River Pollution 
Year 5 have kicked off their Art week by responding to a geographical issue - river pollution - through art. 
They used a picture by 14 year old Dafne Murillo from Lima, Peru as inspiration.  She used the iceberg metaphor: people can only see the portion above the surface but are oblivious of the portion undersea to represent plastic waste in the ocean.  "People can appreciate our whales, yet fail to realize that by continuing to litter the sea with their plastic waste, they are responsible for the harm of marine wildlife through ingestion or entanglement.”
In Woodpeckers class we chose some British wildlife that are effected by river pollution: ducks, frogs, otters and water voles.  Have a look at the gallery for us at work and our finished products. 
Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed Arts Week. Below are some examples of our art work, but we have also enjoyed rehearsing for our Leavers service at Lancing and our end of year performance at Hurst.