Absence from school

Illness and medical appointments Every effort should be made to arrange medical appointments outside school hours. If it is necessary for a child to be out of school for this reason, the child should be returned to school directly after the appointment. Proof of the appointment should be shown to the Office. 

The school office should be informed during the morning of the first day of a child’s absence through illness and then each morning for the duration of the absence, either by phone or email. If parents have not contacted school, they will receive a message asking them why the child is not at school. Unexplained absences may also be followed up by a home visit or a letter. If the reason for the absence is not explained then the absence will be marked as unauthorised. Parents will be reminded of the importance of good attendance and punctuality in newsletters, or more frequently if their child’s attendance is causing concern. 

Holidays in term time are not an entitlement and are strongly discouraged by the Government, Local Authority and School. Parents should be aware that term time holidays are not an automatic right. The Headteacher can only authorise absences for exceptional circumstances, this will be very rare.

Parents/carers must inform the school of any planned absences in advance using the absence request form.  Copies of these will be kept with the child's records.