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Our Planet
World Oceans Day 2020 Date And Theme: Know The History and ...
Monday 8th June is World Oceans Day! We will be celebrating and marking this day at school. You can do the same at home too. There are lots of very exciting activities and videos from 9am - 7pm throughout the day.
Look on the website https://worldoceanday.school
It includes rockpool rambling, discussions about pollution and learning how to breathe like a dolphin!
You might also like to mark the day by:
  • Going on a litter pick at the beach.
  • Make an oceans treasure box using an old egg box and things you have found at the beach. What will you decide to put inside? 
  • How big is shark? Find out the size of some of your favourite sea creatures and measure them out in your garden.  Did you know that a whale shark can be 18m, a jellyfish can be nearly 2 metres tall, whereas the lovely Blob Fish is only 30cm? You could do predators and prey or different groups of sharks. 
  • Write a shape poem about a sea animal, pollution or climate change.
  • Make posters to show what we can do to protect our oceans and seas.
We would love to see any finished work. Please email any pictures or documents to lcowie@albournecep.org.uk
Have a great day! 
World Ocean's Day 2020: Find out the date and important details ...
Making friends in lockdown
Florence Nightingale and International Nurses Day 
Mrs Atkins has found out that Tuesday 12th May is Florence Nightingale's birthday and International Nurses' Day.
Those children who will be in school that day will be finding out more about Florence Nightingale and thinking about nurses everywhere particularly at this time.
Maybe you could do some research too. Make a mini book about her life, draw some pictures, act out her story.
This clip might help you.
Perhaps you could share what you do with your teacher or me.
On 20th April the Department for Education published guidance for helping primary school children continue their education during coronavirus.
The link is below.
Computing: E-safety
During this 'Learning From Home' time, it is really important that we don't forget our basic e-safety rules to help keep us safe when online. The Shooting Stars Theatre Company have put together a short video featuring Captain Wonderweb and his amazing crew. In the video they remind all of us about the three rules we must always follow: Zip It, Block It and Flag It. Check this out: Captain Wonderweb and the Lockdown.
For more e-safety games and activities for all ages use this link to Barefoot Computing: https://www.barefootcomputing.org/homelearning
Keeping Active
Albion in the community have provided some resources linked to a football theme and some football challenge videos. See link at bottom of this section.
Real PE home is a great program to follow to stay active and continue to develop physical skills at home. Our school login details will be emailed to you.
Joe Wicks, the Body Coach is doing a daily workout on Youtube at 9am.
Go Noodle is a great site/app full of workouts, dance routines and activities to promote being active and mindfulness.
The BBC's Supermovers has lots of routines to help children learn a variety of curiculum skills, all while being active!
Jump Start Jonny is all about getting children active! Follow the link to the Youtube account for both active and chilled out routines to get you moving. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8PDFwCV0HHcl08-1SzdiBw
Dance with Oti Mabuse on facebook. This goes up every day at 11:30am but you can view the class at any time!
Being Creative
Charanga is the programme we use to teach some of our Music at school. The company have created Yumu for home learning. The username and password has been shared to you via parentmail. Enjoy! https://charanga.com/yumu
Harptoons Publishing will be doing a LIVE drawing session for families at 6pm (2pm EST). Here is the link if you wish to join:
Gareth Malone has created a British Choir across the country for social distancing singing! Sign up below: https://decca.com/greatbritishhomechorus/
Get creative with your reading! David Walliams is releasing audio books every day for the next 30 days (starting on 24.03.20) at 11am! Follow the link to listen! https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/
Authorfy - creative writing masterclasses with children's authors that can be accessed at home for free. Each masterclass includes fun writing challenges, authors reading their books, writing tips and advice and more! They will also add some daily illustration challenges too! https://authorfy.com/
The Royal Academy has a great page filled with creative ideas for children to try (with a little adult support). Check it out and see what you can create- remember to record and share your work with the school. Royal Academy.
Music with Myleene Klass twice a week at 10am on YouTube. The next one will be on Friday 27th March. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCRXAErag8U
Another great Art challenge you can do as a family is one set by the Getty Museum. They want you to create your photograph of any famous painting. There is a document below with some examples to inspire you. Remember to let the school see your final creations so we can share it with everyone else.
'Music on the Menu'a weekly update from West Sussex Music with ideas about how to enjoy high quality music experiences each day! Document below:
Out and About
Nighttime adventure
If you don't need to get up early, how about you explore the your local area at night. What can you see and hear? What is different from being out and about in daytime?
Listen to MR FAWCETT'S BIRDSONG WALK recorded this morning!
Finding Out
First News Newspaper has freeesources available https://subscribe.firstnews.co.uk
There are some different themed scavenger hunts you could do at home! See them below!
Games to play
board games
I spy
card games
Not sure how many games there are to play... but there are definitely quizzes involved!
J.K Rowling has launched a Harry Potter at home website which has lots of cool things you can explore from wordsearches to how to draw character tutorials. 
Problem Solving
Quiet times
Read to your child– even the older ones! It ignites a love of reading, creates a bond between you and it’s soothing and calming.
  • doodling
  • colouring
  • listening to music
  • write a prayer or reflection for your family, our school, our country, the world.... If you would like us to share them with others please email to the school office
 Even though the local libraries are closed during this time, they have put up a website which you can access if you are members of your local library for books, magazines, audiobooks etc. See the link below for details.
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Collective Worship
For those children of key workers who are at school we will be holding a daily Collective Worship.
For the first 2 weeks we are sharing the parables of Jesus and a couple of other stories about him.
We will have reflection and prayer time too. The children are being encouraged to write some prayers for this. See Quiet Times section of website about how you can join in.
If you would like to do "join in" at home these are the Bible references.
There are all sorts of online resources for telling these stories to children.


Parables of Jesus

Bible Ref

Mon 23

The wise man and the foolish man

Matthew 7:24-27


Sower and 4 types of soil

Matthew 13:3-8, 18-23 or Mark 4:3-8, 14-20


The Lost Sheep

Matthew 18:12-14


The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:30-37


The Lost Coin

Luke 15:8-10




Mon 30

The Lost Son

Luke 15:11-32


Wise and foolish young women

Matthew 25:1-13


Lamp on  a stand

Matthew 5:14-15


Stories about Jesus



Jesus Calms a Storm

Mark 4: 35-41


Jesus turns water to wine

John 2:1-11

During Holy Week we will be following the story of Jesus week leading up to Easter Sunday.
Monday 6th : Palm Sunday- A Grand Entrance  Matthew 21: 1-11
7th : The Last Supper and Jesus is betrayed  Matthew 26: 17-30 and 47-56
8th : Good Friday- The Cross  Matthew 27: 32-56
9th: Easter Sunday- The Empty Tomb Luke 20: 1-18
To keep up with all that is happening during this extraordinary time, check out CBBC Newsround: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround