Learning at home-Kestrels Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Page.
I hope you have found activities (on all our pages) to keep you interested this week. Many of the features will remain on the page but will be added to weekly, so do keep checking for new features and updates. Also, some of you have been asking about creating some way of having a class catch up...we are looking into the possibility of using Zoom as a way of communicating, so watch this space! Remember to keep accessing the page daily for the daily challenges.
Keep yourself and those around you safe, keep in touch with each other and remember you can always contact your year 6 team through the school.
Mr Hamilton and Mrs Price.
Updated 28th March 2020
Thursday 2nd April, 2020
Good morning everyone,
Hope you all had a good April Fools Day and didn't get caught out too often...for those who I managed to call yesterday, yes, it was me-not an April Fool!
More Maths attached for you to keep practising, plus I have added a link to a really good Maths resource (White Rose). This is for those of you who want to revisit any areas you are unsure about, it offers tutorials and exercises. Thanks to all of you who have been forwarding more images, or completed work-the one pen pal letter completed has now doubled in size! I will be trying to call as many of you as possible today for a quick catch up, so listen out for the phone.
Have a good day, keep safe.
Mr Hamilton
Hi Kestrels,
I hope you're settling in to your at-home learning routines and having some fun too while the weather is dry and bright. Have a go at a nice arty project if you can - want to see a Kestrels' gallery of pictures!!
I know Mr H is going to try to call you all, so a big HELLO from me too!
Have a good day.
Mrs Price :)
English Writing.
Well done all of you who  maintained your writing last week...I have heard that some of you have been continuing your first person recounts and some of you have been writing to your pen pals (remember to forward these to the school so that I can forward them to your pen pal). If you are producing them on the computer you can still make them colourful and as exciting as your hand written letters from the last time. I have added some questions you might use as prompts for writing ideas.
You can also use the ideas listed below as further writing prompts, and you could be keeping your own recount of the strange times we are currently living in. This week I am going to add some poetry resources for those who are interested in developing these skills. I will add to the resources as the week goes on, so keep an eye on this section.
I am sure you have all kept up with your reading last week, hopefully you still have plenty to read and are  discovering some new authors and books. Remember to keep a record of what you have read and you may want to produce a colourful review of a particular favourite to share with your classmates.
I know some of you enjoyed the Harry Potter Comprehension, so I will keep adding to it with further tasks each day, for you to do if you wish. You may want to dip in and out of them over the week, but there is no expecation that they should be all completed!!! Remember, the answers come with the tasks...so no peaking!
Enjoy your reading and let me know what you are enjoying so I can share this with class.
I know that many of you have been using the daily maths tasks as a way of practising your existing skills, keep this up. Unfortunately, we hadn't quite covered all the curriculum before we had to shut down, so with the aid of other resources (in this case Twinkl) we will try to cover the missing pieces. First, back to area; how to work out the area of a triangle and a parallellogram...watch the Powerpoint attached, go over bits you are unsure of, then attempt the worksheets (answers included). If you get stuck, let me know.
Don't forget, you have your log in to Times Tables Rock Stars...do use it: https://ttrockstars.com/
Check out this link to White Rose resources as they are great for revsion; they have tutorials, exercises and answers.
Summer Term Project.
In the Summer Term we will be finding out more about Fairtrade. One of our main focuses will be on countries in South America. This is your chance to get ahead with your understanding, and with your Summer Project, by starting work on it now...be adventurous and try to find out about a country which you know little about. Why not try to put together a range of presentations, combining a variety of skills? The task is below for you to explore.
As requested, I am including some Art challenges for you to attempt while at home. You can start with a couple of easy ones: Aboriginal painting and an up-cycled 'crafty' pen holder.
For something more challenging watch the PowerPoint about cartoons and practise cartooning skills, caricaturing, flip book making then sit back and watch a classic animation by one of the greatest animators ever, Tex Avery.
Check out this link to David Hockney. He is one of Britain's best loved artists; he currently lives in Normandy in France and has released some of his most recent works of art. Oliver was telling me that he was doing some drawing on his brother's tablet, which made me think of David Hockney, as he produces his current art using an i-pad. All of these have been produced while isolated at home...inspiration for some of you?
I've added another great Art challenge, this is one you could do with your family. It's from the Getty Museum who are challenging you to create your photograph of any famous work of art...there are some inspiring images in the folder below.
Puzzle Corner.
Just a few simple challenges to get you started...this will build as we go along, but let's get the brain cells buzzing.
Let's Get Cooking.
Food, glorious food...you have time to showcase your cooking skills and amaze your family and friends with your culinary talents, so this is a link to a site which is packed full of recipes. The recipes are aimed at children of your age and range in difficulty, so you will want some adult help with these. Remember to ask an adult before you begin to create one of these tantalising recipes; once you've made one they will be begging you to make more!
Ever dreamt of playing an instrument? Well, here is your opportunity...in virtual world, that is. Click on the link, choose an instrument and get musical. You may want to use headphones until you are ready to unleash your talents on your family!
There is also a task below in which you can write and draw about your musical preferences...be as creative and artistic as you wish when presenting the information.
I know that many of you will want to continue developing your coding skills during your time at home, so there are several ways you can continue to do this:
A) Access espresso using the log in you have been provided with; go to the 'Coding' section and explore the year 6 units ( More Complex Variables/Object Properties). You can, of course, explore any of the other year groups, should you wish to.
B) You can access Scratch online, but please make sure an adult knows you are doing this, especially if you are live. If you do not want to go live, you can always ask if you can download an off-line version: this will contain many resources you can use, or you can create your own project. ( https://scratch.mit.edu/ideas )
C) I will try to upload some existing resources from old Code Club activities and see if there is a way of linking you to the club so that you can attempt new challenges they have created.
Please, remember to be safe online and to try to save, screen shot or record what you have created for sharing with the class.
Welcome to a new section. It's important that you keep on top of your spellings while learning at home, so I'll add some exercises for you to have a go at over the coming weeks. To help you further with the year 5 and 6 statutory spelling list, Oxford Owl has allowed access to their website for help and tips.
Sharing Space.
This will be a space in which we can share photos and thoughts with each other. You can forward bits and pieces to the office where we will pick them up and add them to our page.
Thought this link might satisfy some of your scientific minds: Easy Home Science Experiments.
Please make sure you OK any of these with your parents/carers as they require some  pieces of equipment which may not be available at the moment and some would not be suitable for you to attempt without adult support...if you do get to do some of them, please record your outcomes. Even if you don't get the chance to try  them out, check out the video.
If some of the ideas above seem a bit risky, try these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MHn9Q5NtdY