Learning at home-Kestrels Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Page.
Week 7: Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic break last week and enjoyed the stunning weather. I know many of you expected to be back at school this week, but as I am sure you are aware, you will have to wait for just a little bit longer. Mrs Claxton will confirm dates and arrangements as soon as she is sure things are ready and it is safe for you to do so.
So with that in mind there has been a lot of changes to your webpage this week to keep you busy at home, so please take time to go through the additions and try some (or all of) them. Check out the simple but moving book in the Well-Being section, maybe make a similar book of your own; Geography is your chance to find out about Brazil nuts (where are they from?); English-you can reply to a comment made by Ewan McGregor about children; who has heard of Samuel Johnson? Find out more through the comprehension work; for those who haven't had enough of algebra, turn to the White Rose section of your maths work. And there's more...a great art opportunity for you based on the work of Charles Fazzino (who's he, I hear you ask?) well, go find out in the art task; we've added some new recipe sites for those stuck for ideas; spelling has reached 'pronunciation'; there is a new computer task starting based on scratch animation; RE has been extended into looking at creation stories fom other religions and how they link to Christianity; your science is an investigation into bacteria (quite topical!) and finally, we will start doing some more transition activities...if you still need more, don't forget the JK Rowling 'Ickabog' illustration challenge.
Keep yourself and those around you safe, keep in touch with each other and remember you can always contact your year 6 team through the school.
Mr Hamilton and Mrs Price.
Updated 30th May 2020
Thursday 4th June, 2020
Good morning everyone,
Still no word on a return date, but we are working on it. Meanwhile, keep doing what you are doing, keeping active and using the resources to help with your learning. Elodie has returned with her pigs, this time in the form of a PowerPoint to share with you all and Esme has been on a wildlife safari to bring you a photo of...check out the shared/gallery space to discover what she came across.
Have a good day, keep safe, see you soon.
Mr Hamilton/Mrs Price
Hi Kestrels,
I know you are still waiting to hear about returning to school, but I'm sure you're in the swing of home schooling and will make the most of all the activities Mr Hamilton has added for you this week. We are looking forward to seeing what you do!!
Have a good week, stay safe, have fun.
Mrs Price :)
This section is all about doing little things which are a break from school work and help us relax. We can all get worried and stressed during these difficult times, but remember there is always someone you can talk to and things you can do to help you feel at peace. Don't be worried about asking for help or talk to someone if there is something you are unsure of. We are here for all of you.
The Wildlife Trust is a great site for finding activities which are a little different from your regular learning-they even have webcams so you can just relax and watch wildlife in different locations around the country.
Week 7: I'm keeping the quiz activities open for those who are challenging their general knowledge, there is a new one for those who need a further challenge. There is also a great book for you to read, all about our WORRIES. It may even inspire some of you to create an e-book of your own...For those who like their photgraphy have a look at the timelapse challenge below, and get creative.
 Geography: Trade/Fairtrade
This term our geography work will focus on various aspects of trade: we will revisit Fairtrade (from year 5), but focus on other aspects and countries; we will also look at what trade is and how it has changed over the centuries.Some of you may already have started your summer project during the last 4 weeks, if not I have left an attachment below.
Week 1 is to research what and who Britain traded with in the past. First, read and watch the information from BBC Bitesize, which explains what trade and economic activity is:
Once you have completed that, download the maps below and, using the internet or an atlas, locate the countries who Britain traded with in Tudor times and in Victorian times. To extend your task further you could try and research into what Britain traded with the countries on your map- what did they import? Did they export any goods? How did they transport the goods?
Week 2: The next task is involves having a look through your cupboards and fridge to record where your food products come from. Create a table to show the food type and it's place of origin. You could then use a world map to identify the countries where your household food comes from. How many Fairtrade products did you find?
Weeks 3 and 4: Having rummaged through your cupboards and checked the origins of your emergency supplies you are now going to do a little more reseacrh on particular products. Watch the clip 'My Next Fairtrade Adventure'. Then open up the task sheet below and choose one (or more) of the tasks to research and present.
Weeks 5 and 6: The task this time is to understand the different time zones in the world and how the hours can increase and decrease as we move around the world. There are several PowerPoints to help you with your learning and task sheets to be completed after.
Weeks 7 and 8: Over the next few weeks have a look at the PowerPoint about the Brazil nut (you may have to do it in edit mode, so you can see the attached notes), then, complete the two accompanying tasks.
English Writing.
Week 7: This week's challenge is to write a persuasive letter to Ewan McGregor over a comment he made about children! The GPS is another spellling task based on your year 5/6 spelling list.
 Please remember to keep up your reading, this is an ideal opportunity to catch up with the books on your shelf which you have intended to read, or re-read some old favourites. Remember to use resources such as BBC Sounds, David Walliams and Authorfy for audio books.
Week 7: This week you have a biography about Samuel Johnson to read and answer questions on. He is , after Shakespeare, one of the most quoted writers in English...find out more about him and then see if you can do the extension challenge to match up some of the strange words he used, with their definitions.
Week 7: We will continue to use White Rose to help us recap maths skills. This week the tasks relate to algebra; again all worksheets and answers are attached in the zip file, and the link should bring you to the accompanying presentations.  All the regular maths activities are still attached. WHITE ROSE.
Don't forget, you have your log in to Times Tables Rock Stars...do use it: (it is back up and running) https://ttrockstars.com/
As you can see your new Art theme will be architecture. Watch the PowerPoint attached to find out about some famous architects and follow the instructions from the PowerPoint. Then watch this BBC clip in which an architect talks about his chosen career: Arthur Timothy.
Your task is to research one of the named architects and create a presenation about them or produce sketches to show their style based on research into their work.
Architects will of course use graphic software to create models of design ideas, if you want to explore a basic 3D modelling software ask your parents about downloading Sketch-Up. There is a free version, but make sure you have permission first.
Weeks 3 and 4: Now it gets interesting. Imagine you are an architect and you have been asked to think about redesigning a Green Area of Brighton, where would you choose? What would your Green Area look like on a map? Watch the PowerPoints attached, which look at materials used for building and what makes a Green Area green. Probably best to watch in edit mode so you can see the question and answer prompts beneath the slides.
Then produce a detailed annotated map of your slice of 'Green' Brighton, be big, bold and creative in your thinking. Think of a birds eye view as you design your map, but you can sketch in housing/parks etc...anyway you think looks good for your idea.
Weeks 5 and 6: Having designed a map for your green area of Brighton we now want to see what the buildings might look like. So watch the PowerPoint for ideas and then  create a building or buildings to fit in with your green area. When you complete the building you can then photograph it and annotate around it, explaining the features it has which make it a sustainable green property.
Week 7: Continuing with our architecture theme this week's task is a chance to get creative through a cityscape creation. Have a look at the amazing work of Charles Fazzino and see if you can recreate a cityscape in his style.
Your music topic is now available through the Charanga/Yumu site. There are 2 tasks to choose from: one about Plastic and the other based on Women In Music- to check out  whether the tasks are for you or not, you will need the password and username sent to your parents.  Meanwhile, I would like to know what is your favourite song and why? Do you have more than one? What are your favourite song lyrics and why? Is there a song which you think is very appropriate to these strange times?
The other thing you could do, those of you who play an instrument, is to record yourself performing and share it with the rest of us! You may even want to compose and share your own piece of music...can you create one which thanks all the amazing key workers at the moment?
DT: Let's Get Cooking.
I'm keeping the cooking link so you can continue to develop those skills. there is also another reason, as the DT this term is  entrepreneurial week- that means you guys working together to try and create an edible product to sell to the rest of the school. This year it would be great to come back with a tasty treat, so while you are at home can you create a delicious bun recipe which will amaze the rest of us? Have a go at creating a recipe (make sure you record it), create a name for your product, design a logo, a package and a poster.  Then, when we get back together we can carry on with the project.
Week 7: As so many of you are clearly enjoying the cooking and baking at home I have added two more links with recipes you can try at home: One from the BBC and the other is a link to Twinkl resources.
Spelling: Year 5 and 6 key words
This is an opportunity to revisit those key year 5 and 6 words which you should know before moving onto secondary school. So each week I'll add some activites to help you practise 10 of those words. Weeks 2 through to 4 have been put into a zip folder for those who wish to access them.
This term you will be continuing the work on Espresso:
A) Access espresso using the log in you have been provided with; go to the 'Coding' section and explore the year 6 units ( More Complex Variables/Object Properties). You can, of course, explore any of the other year groups, should you wish to.
B) You can access Scratch online, but please make sure an adult knows you are doing this, especially if you are live. If you do not want to go live, you can always ask if you can download an off-line version: this will contain many resources you can use, or you can create your own project. ( https://scratch.mit.edu/ideas )
Please, remember to be safe online and to try to save, screen shot or record what you have created for sharing with the class. If you want to recap e-safety and online behaviour this link will take you to games to play as a recap. BAREFOOTCOMPUTING.
Week 7:For those who have completed the coding through Espresso I am adding some challenges using Scratch, remember if you have not downloaded it, ask a parent/carer first. This week's task is to do with animating sprites- you will need to upload examples from the zip file below, however, in order to do it, you may have to download and save them to your computer first.
Science: Living Things and their Habitats
 This term we will be looking at how we classify animals and exploring their habitats. I'm leaving the tasks from the first 3 weeks for those who wish to do these tasks or revisit them. I am also leaving the link to Oak Academy and their evolution lesson.
The Oak Academy offers daily lessons, one of which is about Evolution...check it out. What is the Theory of Evolution?
Week 4: This is tricky and it may take a few read throughs to understand this classification system, or further research of your own. It is about the Linnaean System of Classification. Read and complete the tasks set out from the PowerPoint, the worksheets are attached as support. Further support can be gathered from watching this link about Carl Linnaeus.
Weeks 5 and 6: Over the next few weeks you have the opportunity to find out about and research some of the worlds more unusual creatures. Watch the PowerPoint and do the activities, including creating and annotating a creature of your own creation. Then to extend this piece of work, see what other strange creatures you can find out about...you may wish to present your findings as a PowerPoint, a poster or a factfile.
Week 7: This week there is an investigtion involving bacteria for you to investigate, but please check with an adult before you set it up...
PE: Staying Fit at Home
As we are having to exercise at home, and as the Olympics have been cancelled this year, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for you to create your own home Olympics. I am sure you have heard of Katarina Johnson-Thompson the great Heptathlon athlete, well she created a home challenge of her own which is available from the BBC Sport Facebook page (ask your parents to view it). Your challenge is to create a mini 10 event home/garden Olympics of your own. You might even want to record yourself taking part in the events and challenge your classmates to beat your times; maybe we can create a Zoom Olympic challenge...over to you!
RE: Judaism
You may have spotted that we have changed the title of our RE for this term; as so many of our RE sessions involve class discussions and sharing of information it would be very difficult to do what we normally do- so there is a slight change of plans. Using the BBC Bitesize site we will first explore Judaism, finding out about their beliefs and practices. Watch these first 2 clips to get an understanding of what Judaism is and what  Passover is.
Week 3:
Weeks 4 - 6:
This is a chance to get creative with your presentation skills. Watch the PowerPoint attached about the links with Judaism and Christianity, then decide how you will present the story of Creation as told in  Genesis.
Week 7: We will extend out RE work into finding out about creation stories in other religions, this week it is the Islamic creation story. The PowerPoint and task are in the zip file below.
PSHE: Transition
Week 7: We are now moving into our last half term and do need to focus on your transition to secondary school, so we will start with a short challenge to see how well you are at being organised and reading/understanding timetables. The task is attached below.
Here's another link that may interest you: As you know the BBC are doing daily lessons, one of the year 6 lessons is about transition to secondary school, so have a look at this: BBC Starting Secondary School.
Sharing Space.
This will be a space in which we can share photos and thoughts with each other. You can forward bits and pieces to the office where we will pick them up and add them to our page.
This is the space to showcase some of your work, so keep forwarding what you have been working on at home, so we can all enjoy your achievements.
What's Happening?
For all you JK Rowling fans this is a great competition: not only can you get to read  chapters from her new book, but there is an amazing competition to be the illustrator for it...check out the link for more information: https://www.theickabog.com/read-the-story/