Learning at home-Kestrels Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Page.
It was fantastic to see almost everyone back together for one final gathering. It has been a year none of us will forget and you have been amazing throughout it all. We thank you for your cards, gifts and kind words and we wish you every success with secondary school and beyond; we will miss you and be thinking about you as you begin the next chapter in September. Thanks for all the memories.
Mr Hamilton and Mrs Price.
Updated 16th July 2020
Dear Year 6,
How lovely it was to see almost all of you yesterday, in school, to enjoy a leavers' celebration together. I'm so glad we managed to find a way to get together for the end of this strange term.
A huge "THANK YOU!" to you all and your parents for my lovely cards, kind words, messages and gifts. I know how difficult it is to organise anything at the moment as a class, so really appreciate everyone's kindness, and to have a card signed by you all was fabulous!! 
I wish you a wonderful, relaxing, safe summer, and know you'll all be ready and recharged for new starts and secondary school in September. Let us know how you get on!
Good luck to you all, including those we didn't see yesterday. I'll miss you.
With my very best wishes,
Mrs Price :)
PSHE: Transition to Secondary School
 Downlands have sent through a range of activities relating to many of the different subjects which you will be covering next year. Have a look through the tasks, some of which are competitions, and complete as many as you wish. They will  help you to get prepared for the move to secondary school. For the children not attending Downlands, you are more than welcome to access them and complete the challenges.
Children going to Warden Park, remember that you can link directly into the school transition webpage for further information: Warden Park.
Children going to Rodean and Burgess Hill Academy may want to have a look at their web pages for further information.
In School
This is what we plan to cover in our last week in class, so if you are one of the children still working from home, have a look at what we are up to and have a go at home.
1) In light of the recent Black Lives Matter events we will be sharing some videos and a PowerPoint about racism. If possible watch the clips and PowerPoint with an adult, so if you have any questions you can discuss it with them-if you have any further questions after watching it, please contact the school and we will answer your concerns.
2) Normally, by this stage of the year we would have attended the Diocesan Leavers Service. Obviously, that was not possible this year; however, they have put together a special service online, which we will be watching in class. Please find time to watch it at home, again, it would be good if you could share it with an adult at home. School Leavers Celebration 2020.
3) We are then setting the following task:
4) We will also be making Friendship Bracelets. So if you have any old wool or beads at home you may want to have a go yourself. There is a link on how to make them and an information page if that is easier. You can give them to friemds, but we would reccommend that you don't wear them straight away, wait 72 hours or more before trying them out. Friendship Bracelets.
5) Finally, we will be creating farewell posters to decorate the marquee for our Wednesday  Leavers Afternoon. If you would like to contribute one send it to me before wednesday and we can add it to the others.
Final Week Challenges
The tasks from the past few weeks are still available in their appropriate sections below, for those who wish to  continue or complete them. For those looking for a new challenge, I've added a few new pieces:
a) The 50 challenge- how many of these things have you already achieved during lockdown? How many more can you complete during the summer?
b) There is a set of daily English tasks for those wishing to maintain their skills.
c) The Link to White Rose is still open and I have added the tasks for week 12 below (remember they are on a different week number from ourselves).
d) The reading task is based on Michelle Obama, who has featured in our recent assemblies and transition work.The answers are attached to the document, so no peeking!
e) Make time to watch the final transition PowerPoint and videos. If you haven't used the BBC site yet, make sure you check it out: BBC Starting Secondary. Also, if you still have your Espresso password, check out their Moving On videos.
If you are still needing more tasks, remember you can access Twinkl and download tasks which suit what you need to develop and improve on.
Weeks 11 and 12: There is a great 2 week challenge added this week. You can do a daily challenge by following the links in the document below or you can pick and choose by which activity interests you the most. Either way they are there to help you relax and get through this extended time at home. Enjoy.
We're keeping the links below for those who have been using them:
Can I also remind you that if you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling or any worries you have, please contact the school and one of the adults will call you back to listen and talk with you.
 Geography: Trade/Fairtrade
Weeks 11 and 12: This is the final activities connected to your geography topic and will take you on a global journey as you discover how economies work around the world.
English Writing.
Week 12: The final writing task I will be setting for you in year 6 is suitably titled, The Last day of Term. The task is to create a poem about how you feel about the final day...I wonder will you feel the same as the person in the example. The GPS focus is a reminder to use commas and hyphens to avoid any confusion when writing longer sentences.
 Please remember to keep up your reading, this is an ideal opportunity to catch up with the books on your shelf which you have intended to read, or re-read some old favourites. Remember to use resources such as BBC Sounds, David Walliams and Authorfy for audio books.
Week 12: Having answered questions about Captain Tom last week, we maintain our topical theme and I think it is only right that our final reading task should be about the NHS. We have come to admire and appreciate each and every one of them over these past 3 months and this comprehension task reminds us just why.
There is also a great link to an online book: The Book of Hope. It is an extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures with contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon and Jacqueline Wilson.
Also check out the recommended top 100 year 6 books...how many have you read? I think I've got a lot of catching up to do over the summer.
Week 12:Your usual White Rose activities for you- angles recap. There is also an investigation for you to have a go at in the form of another Murder Mystery. All the clues are there, you just have to use your maths skills to solve the mystery. You will also have your daily challenges. Remember the White Rose site reads as week 11, even though we are at week 12 in the school term!  WHITE ROSE.
Don't forget, you have your log in to Times Tables Rock Stars...do use it: (it is back up and running) https://ttrockstars.com/
Week 12: The final art challenge is to put together a city scape of your own in whatever style you wish to use...
Your music topic is now available through the Charanga/Yumu site. There are 2 tasks to choose from: one about Plastic and the other based on Women In Music- to check out  whether the tasks are for you or not, you will need the password and username sent to your parents.  Meanwhile, I would like to know what is your favourite song and why? Do you have more than one? What are your favourite song lyrics and why? Is there a song which you think is very appropriate to these strange times?
The other thing you could do, those of you who play an instrument, is to record yourself performing and share it with the rest of us! You may even want to compose and share your own piece of music...can you create one which thanks all the amazing key workers at the moment?
DT: Let's Get Cooking.
I'm keeping the cooking link so you can continue to develop those skills. there is also another reason, as the DT this term is  entrepreneurial week- that means you guys working together to try and create an edible product to sell to the rest of the school. This year it would be great to come back with a tasty treat, so while you are at home can you create a delicious bun recipe which will amaze the rest of us? Have a go at creating a recipe (make sure you record it), create a name for your product, design a logo, a package and a poster.  Then, when we get back together we can carry on with the project.
Week 7: As so many of you are clearly enjoying the cooking and baking at home I have added two more links with recipes you can try at home: One from the BBC and the other is a link to Twinkl resources.
Spelling: Year 5 and 6 key words
This is an opportunity to revisit those key year 5 and 6 words which you should know before moving onto secondary school. So each week I'll add some activites to help you practise 10 of those words. Weeks 2 through to 4 have been put into a zip folder for those who wish to access them.
Week 12: The final part of your animation focuses on making the whole thing an interactive experience for the viewer.If you have completed an animation, it would be great to share with rest of the class.
 Week 12: Your final science is to recap what we started out doing, many, many weeks ago, and that was classification. Simply recap by reading the information provided and attempt the short task at the end.
PE: Staying Fit at Home
As we are having to exercise at home, and as the Olympics have been cancelled this year, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for you to create your own home Olympics. I am sure you have heard of Katarina Johnson-Thompson the great Heptathlon athlete, well she created a home challenge of her own which is available from the BBC Sport Facebook page (ask your parents to view it). Your challenge is to create a mini 10 event home/garden Olympics of your own. You might even want to record yourself taking part in the events and challenge your classmates to beat your times; maybe we can create a Zoom Olympic challenge...over to you!
RE: Christianity and other religions.
Week 12: If you have followed the tasks over the last few weeks you will have created your own creation story. The final task is to illustrate and present your creation story...it would be good to share finished ones with the class.
Sharing Space.
This will be a space in which we can share photos and thoughts with each other. You can forward bits and pieces to the office where we will pick them up and add them to our page.
This is the space to showcase some of your work, so keep forwarding what you have been working on at home, so we can all enjoy your achievements.