Learning at home-Kingfishers-Year 3

Welcome Kingfishers!
Please find some ideas below on what you can do for at home learning. You can also find more ideas on the 'learning at home - ideas for everyone' page and other year group pages. These are all suggestions, you can do as much or as little as you can!
Parents/carers! We have put up a page just for you with some quizzes and questions for you to have a go at! 
This page will be updated regularly. Last updated on: 01.04.20
We hope you are keeping safe and well!
Miss Knight and Mrs Moseley
General resources
Times table rock stars - You can still access Times table rock stars from home! Use your normal username and password to continue practicing your times tables. Don't forget, if you decide to practise in the 'Garage' I have set these to match the Mighty Multiples you were last working on.
Spellings - There are a couple of good websites you can access: Spellzone and Spellingframe. We have used these during our spelling sessions in school which you can use to practise spellings. Don't forget there's lots of information here for Spellings too!
Please note: Spellingframe - You don't have to subscribe to an account but the free activities are more limited than Spellzone.
Reading - Remember to read everyday for at least 15 minutes. There are lots of resources on our 'Reading' page. There are some other reading activities you could do further down this page too.
Teach Active - We have a great subscription to a website called Teach Active which keeps children active during their learning. It mainly focuses on Maths ideas but they have started adding English too. Please find the link here to access homework ideas.
Homework grids!
Our Ancient Egypt homework grids are attached below. Why not have a go at some activities you didn't choose to do for homework over the past term?
Activity document
Should your internet fail or our website is down, you can download the activity list below. It will include all links on this page as well as activities.
I will endeavour to update this every week so I have highlighted everything new that has gone up on the website in yellow in this document to hopefully make it easier for you to find new things to do.
100 fun things to do!
I have collated 100 activities you can pick and choose from (if you wish) to have a go at! The document can be downloaded below!
Core learning/ subjects
Below are a few different activities you could do which are more than just reading a book. They are activities we do as part of Guided Reading.
- Summarise what you have read by: 
Drawing what has happened and begin to create a story map.
Use bullet points to summarise key events.
Act out what is happening.
Explain to a parent/carer/ friend what is happening.
Write questions about the chapter for someone to answer.
- Create your own vocabulary list:
Write sentences containing the words in context.
Draw pictures showing the words.
Fill the gaps in the sentences/ true or false activity.
Note down where the vocabulary words are in the chapter/ book you are reading.
Find the word definitions in a dictionary.
Find alternative words for your vocabulary list with a thesaurus.
Reading resources you can access:
Stay at Home Story time with Oliver Jeffers.
David Walliams audiobooks daily for 30 days at 11am: https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/
Recently, have been looking at different reports. You could discuss the difference between reports e.g. TV, radio, newspaper and magazines. Encourage children to read these, they may be able to spot their features!
Why not research Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamen and write your own report on it? Act it out as if you were on the TV or radio! Become a general news reporter for the day! 
Websites to inspire writing:
Authorfy - creative writing masterclasses with children's authors that can be accessed at home for free. Each masterclass includes fun writing challenges, authors reading their books, writing tips and advice and more! They will also add some daily illustration challenges too! https://authorfy.com/
The following website is great for re-capping Maths objectives we have covered over the past couple of terms.
You may want to re-cap our learning on the following areas: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions and time. 
White Rose Maths have released some home learning activities you could try...
Here is the link to their facebook group if the website fails or is overcongested... https://www.facebook.com/groups/WRMY3
Carol Vorderman has made her Maths Factor website free to access during school closure. Follow the link to sign up: https://www.themathsfactor.com/
For all you problem solvers who want to be stretched a little more, take a look at the documents/ website links I have put below this column. One of them can be found on the 'ideas for everyone' page.
Foundation subjects
Can you find a fun and creative way to explore our learning about nutrition, skeletons and muscles for 'Animals including Humans'?
Perhaps you could think of an experiment or investigation to show the learning or what you have enjoyed during this unit.
Maybe you have some questions that still need answering...
STEM is a fantastic website full of resources including Science. I have put a couple of links below that you may find useful:
You could create a piece of work to show a comparison of Ancient Egyptian life and life today or think of another way to compare the differences.
Can you find any songs about friendship, peace, hope and unity like ‘The Dragon Song’? You could even make up a song about respect, happiness and friendship!
Myleene's music Klass! Myleene Klass is putting up a musical tutorial on Youtube twice weekly at 11am. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQh2wgJ5tOrixYBn6jFXsXQ
As part of our curriculum, children should be able to use both hands when typing. If you have access to a full keyboard at home, there is something called 'Dance Mat' typing which can help children with this. You can play different levels and games!
Barclays' Digital Eagle Coding. Check out Barclays’ Code Playground live session; a free lesson teaching kids how to code, hosted by their Digital Eagles! 
What are us adults up to?
Hello everyone! Hope you are keeping well and safe at home.
I was inspired by the Skylarks' page with Mr Harrison's blog so I thought I'd keep you up to date with what us adults are up to whilst we are apart.
Do make sure you are getting out daily, even if it is once a day. I was in my garden on Tuesday re-potting my orchid whilst my Mum did some gardening.
I have been looking for lots of things to keep you busy to put on the website in future weeks whilst being at home. My dog, Alfie, is very confused with everyone being at home all the time now! He is loving it! 
Mrs Moseley and I were in school yesterday for the first time since we all left on Friday. It was good to be back at Albourne to see everyone.
I worked in Robins with Key Stage 1 in the morning then with Key Stage 2 in the afternoon.
We made some brilliant rainbows! Mrs Moseley's was an excellent example! She was very proud with her creative masterpiece! The rainbows will be displayed on our main hall window soon.
Hello! Another lovely day weather wise it seems! Yesterday we went outside lots to do some of our school activities! We loved going out and looking for different bits of nature! We found all sorts, including a ladybird! The children sketched some excellent pieces based on the photos we took yesterday.
Our rainbows are looking amazing! We managed to finish a few more yesterday and I have displayed them in our main school hall window. If you are in school over the next few weeks, look out for them.
We also finished today with a walk around the fields next to the school. It was quite tiring but we saw some sheep on our way round which was exciting!
I am going to brave the supermarket later on for some essential shopping for my family! Hope you are all able to get your essentials easily as I know it can be very tricky...
Don't forget to also check the ideas for everyone page for some activities to do at home! I added lots to this page yesterday!
Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have all had a restful weekend! What a beautiful one it was too!
I managed to get to the supermarket after school on Friday. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. The social distancing queue went down quick and I thought all the staff were brilliant. They were only letting in 100 customers which I thought was a good system. It was a strangely calm environment and I was lucky to get everything apart from two items... result!
I didn't get round to much over the weekend. It was quite a lazy one spent eating lots of chocolate and biscuits that I bought on Friday at Tesco. I did manage to get out on a long dog walk with my Mum and Alfie in our local woods on Saturday.
Alfie always manages to find a big stick... He found one straight away but then got an even bigger one half way round the walk. So big, he couldn't get across river walkways so my Mum had to help by holding the stick with him! 
My sisters made some yummy blueberry muffins whilst we were out on our walk. Half a batch normal and half a batch gluten free (for me and one of my sisters to have)! We came home from our walk to these freshly made, a great way to end our walk.
Have any of you managed to bake something? I love baking but don't do it often enough! Do let me know if you have with any photos of your results!
I have got some ripe bananas to use up so I'm going to be making my famous chocolate banana bread soon. I'll add a photo of the finished result for you all.
Good Morning all!
I have been a busy bee today. So far I have done my own home workout, made breakfast and been on my laptop updating some more bits for you to explore on our website page. A couple of you have emailed me about what you are doing/some advice on what to do. I am always available to help you at home so don't be afraid to get in touch and ask! I am going to be contacting you all with a phone call soon so listen out... it could be me ringing for a catch up!
I plan to go out for a walk later (one of my sisters has already decided to go out) but it is quite chilly today!
Alfie has been collected by his dog walker to go on a walk. He was joining two gorgeous dalmations who were in the back of the dog walker's car eagerly waiting to go. Yesterday, he came back from his walk and stunk.. yuck! My Dad had to spray him down so that he didn't stink out the house! 
I am due in school tomorrow (Wednesday) so I am planning to look for some more ideas on what we can get up to. I do hope the weather stays sunny so we can all go out for a walk.
I went for my walk and have attached some photos I took! I do miss photography - it was great to get out in the fresh air!
Hope you are all well! Have a lovely day and I will speak to you all soon.
Good afternoon! I can't quite believe it's already the start of April today! The sun is still shining which is wonderful.
I am in school today with some children and have managed to catch up with a few of you on the phone. It has been lovely to hear your voices and all that you've been up to. I will be making my phone calls regularly to make sure you are all OK and to hear more about what you do at home over the next few weeks.
We have enjoyed being outside today making some Mandala patterns. I have put a picture below of an example and the patterns we've been creating. Maybe you could create one of your own?!
We went on a walk around Albourne this afternoon. It was lovely to walk around in the warm sunshine! Mrs T gave us lots of knowledge and used her map skills from the Robins' welly walks which was handy for everyone on the walk!
It's nice to hear and see lots of you taking some time outside too!
We saw Lilly and some of her family at the end of lunch! She looked like she was on a fun bike ride around the village. It was great to see some more familiar, friendly faces! 
When I spoke to Isaac and Luke earlier, they said they'd been making a wooden fort outside which sounds very exciting! Have any of you been outside today?
Good afternoon everyone!
Hope you are all well? I have been busy again at home and rung a few more of you this morning to catch up on what you've been doing and to check how you all are. I will making sure I have rung everyone for a catch up by Wednesday at the latest! It has been good to hear about what you've all been up to! Don't forget to email any pictures (if you have any) of any and all the things you've been doing! Even just a written update would be good. I have started an update at the bottom of this page with all of this!
I know a few of you have managed to chat over the phone or video chat with one another. I have been doing this with all of my friends too. Mrs Claxton rung this morning for a catch up and I had a video chat with my other half last night, who I haven't been able to see in the last couple of weeks (as we don't live in the same house). I am finding it hard not being able to see him, my family and everyone at school including you all. I bet you are feeling the same. All I keep thinking, to keep me going, is that soon (hopefully) this will all be done and dusted and we will be able to get back to normal at some point in the future.
However, I have a group video chat arranged with a few friends this evening which I am very excited about! We are planning to play a Harry Potter trivial pursuit game*. I think it's so important to just hear a friendly voice sometimes! Especially with all of this going on, so do make sure if you can, you keep in touch with your loved ones, friends and/or family as much as possible.
I have been doing some online courses us teachers have been asked to do so I am busy on my laptop completing some of these. I still plan to go out on my daily walk and to do a workout. I may have to do my workout inside today as the weather doesn't look as promising as it was yesterday!
My Mum is still working hard from home but she has set up her office in her room as she was downstairs in the kitchen. She was a bit conscious her conference calls were too noisy! My Dad is doing some more jobs around the house. Today he is re-painting our bathroom ceiling! He has lots of jobs to do but has decided to pace himself and try to not do them all at once!
It seems very busy in lots of our households so it is just as important to have some YOU time! I aim to listen to some podcasts and start reading some books. What quiet/you time activities have you been doing so far?
*PS. Any of you Harry Potter fans (I know who you are) don't forget to check the 'ideas for everyone page' as I have put a little something on there for you! Go check it out!
What have KINGFISHERS been up to?
I have been reading and hearing everything you've been up to so I thought I'd share some ideas with you all!
  • Letty is having a go at lots of Maths at home.
  • Isaac and Luke have been practising times tables on TTRS and are making a wooden fort!
  • Max has been practising on TTRS lots!
  • Heidi has been having horse riding lessons and has been doing some gardening.
  • Hugo has been learning to play lots of different songs on the piano.
  • Take a look below at what Erin and Cecily have done!