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Last updated: 1st June
 We have reached outer space! New homework grid, history, RE, PSHCE, maths and spelling along with a link to our new PE competition that will replace this year's sports day. (English is the completion of the 2 week information page unit)
More good news: some of your friends' stories and storymaps are now on the page for you to read!
Our summer topic is Up, Up and Away!
Big Question: Is it really worth travelling into space?
We've reached outer space!
After travelling out of the Earth's atmosphere, we are now in outer space.
What would it feel like being in space?
How is it different from being on Earth?
What do you already know about space? Can you name any planets or other features?
Has anyone travelled to space before? Are there any humans in space now?
Space X Mission
As you read this, an exciting new space mission is underway. To find out more explore the links below.
To share what you've found out you could write a newspaper report or even perform your own news report to other people at home!
Maths - Fractions
This week's learning is all about fractions. 
Click here to access daily lessons created by White Rose. We are on Week 7. The video lessons and answers have yet to be uploaded (Monday 1st AM) but hopefully will be soon. The resources to accompany the videos can be downloaded below. If you're looking for something to have a go at while you're waiting, there are lots of great games and problems to explore on the nrich website.
Don't forget to keep practising number bonds and times tables. For a great selection of games to practise times tables, use the Topmarks website or login to Times Table Rockstars.
 Maths (Last week's learning)
This week, we will be continuing to learn about multiplication in the context of the 10 times table before moving on to grouping and sharing.
Click here to access daily lessons created by White Rose. We are on Week 6. The resources to accompany the videos can be downloaded below.
For a great selection of games to practise times tables, use Times Table Rockstars or the Topmarks website. 
If you're looking for a little extra challenge, there are lots of great games and problems to explore on the nrich website.

English 25.05.2020 (2 week unit)

This week, we'll be creating our own information pages about a subject we are really interested in and already know a little bit about. It could be an animal, a person, an activity or even a place. Remember that we want to teach our reader about the subject and also get them really interested in it.

01.06.2020 Spelling

Space vocabulary


This week, we'll be learning how to spell new space vocabulary. Download the word mat below - it will be really useful to have while you are working over the next few weeks.


1. First of all, discuss the meanings of the words on the space mat. Make a note of any you don't know the meaning of or are not quite sure about. You could discuss them with other people at home, look up the meanings in a dictionary or even do an internet search to discover their meanings.

Now choose 6 words you would like to be able to spell by the end of the week and practise them using the techniques below. 

1. Look, cover, write check

2. Rainbow write - write the word using joined handwriting in one colour. Then choose another colour and write it again over the top. Continue this, building up lots of different colours.

3. Write the words on a wall or on the ground using a paintbrush and water.

4. Practise writing your words during a handwriting session.


Science: Plants

Year 2 objectives from the national curriculum:

  • observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants
  • find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.
After looking at the word document below with lots of learning ideas, check out the BBC Bitesize resources which include lots of video clips and activities to support understanding.
Cristianity - Gospel
What is the good news Jesus brings?
Christians celebrate Jesus coming to Earth and the good he brought. In this unit we explore what good news Christians believe Jesus brought and how they thank him for it.
Open the word document below to access the lessons and resources for this unit.
Check out the Active Albourne page on the school website to find out more about our new school competition.
Changing me
Week 1: Understanding changes in nature and that some and ourselves
What is change? It's important that we understand that not all things stay the same - this has been particularly true in recent times!
Look at the powerpoint exploring seasons and how animals grow and develop. What changes do we see around us?
Discuss how we have changed from babies and how things are now different. What can you do now that you couldn't do before? How will you continue to change? How do you feel about this? Is there anything you miss that has changed?
It's important to understand that some changes we may like and some we may not but either way, changes happen. Has there ever been a change you didn't like at first but turned out OK? e.g. changing classes, schools, moving home etc.
History: Has anyone visited space before?
Find out about the history of space travel. Has anyone been into space? How did they get there? How far have they travelled?
Follow this link to find out all about Neil Armstrong and have a go at the activities included with it.
It's a great time to practise your handwriting. The videos below show you how to form letters and also how to join them. If you keep practising,  bet you'll have handwriting even more beautiful than mine by the time you're back in school!
Video 1 - curly caterpillar letters
Video 2 - one armed robot letters
Video 3 - long ladder letters
Video 4 - zig-zag letters
Skylarks' blog
Hi Skylarks,
I've had a really nice week, phoning around and catching up with as many of you as possible. I've also been lucky enough to have some of you in school with me. If I haven't managed to speak to you in school or on the phone, I will keep on trying - I must have missed you when I called.
It's been so much fun hearing about what you've all been up to. Everyone's doing different things but it sounds like we're all managing to keep ourselves busy, get a bit of learning in and enjoying ourselves. Almost everyone I spoke to also said they'd had some down days where they might be feeling a little bored, sad or frustrated. It's important to remember that this is OK and we will have days like this. I certainly have. It seems that getting outside for a walk or play, talking to friends or family in whatever way we can or escaping with a book have all been ways people have helped themselves to feel a bit better.
I am really missing all of you but am so proud of the fantastic way you are all getting on with things, trying to be kind to those close to you and making the most of this special time we have at home. Well done and keep it up, Skylarks!
Take care! Love, Mr Harrison
P.S. If you haven't already, make sure you check out the what we've been up to section - I've managed to get a proper teacher in (not like me!) to show you a science experiment.
P.P.S. Also, keep a look out for emails and on the website for Active Albourne! - it's a competition I'm setting up so we can do a sort of Sports Day from home and I'd love you to give it a go!
What we’ve been up to!
Email in a message or photo of what you’ve been doing and I will try to upload it here for your friends to see.
Our fabulous stories
Check out our cloud poems!
Check out the video below from your new science teacher, Mr Blake. In today's lesson he shows you how to make a lava lamp. Great stuff, Blake!
Cloudspotter stories
Below our the maths videos I added earlier in the term. They explain parts and wholes and how this leads on to addition and subtraction