Learning at home-Skylarks Year 2

Welcome to Skylarks' home learning page
Welcome to our home learning page. After discussing home learning as a class, we agreed that we want this page to provide two main things:
1. We want it to give us lots of great ideas so that we can keep learning, be happy and help our bodies and brains to be active when we are at home. 
2. We want it to be a place that keeps us all connected and up to date with what we've been doing. 
There are lots of links to websites that will help your child to develop key knowledge and skills. Alongside this, I will aim to update the page with new learning ideas for the week to keep things fresh.
Please remember that this page is only here to offer support and ideas for home learning - do as much or as little as you feel is right and go with your child's interests. Remember that going out for walks, playing, cooking, sharing stories, talking, singing and dancing are all learning!
The children were very keen for me to keep them updated with what I and their friends have been up to so I will try and update the top section as a sort of blog, as often as possible. Enjoy your home learning!
Skylarks' blog


Good morning Skylarks!


I hope you’re all enjoying your second week of home learning. I’ve been amazed  by all the wonderful work you’ve sent me - keep it up! I’m going to add some photos of some wonderful artwork that Cassidy created so make sure you take a look.


I spent a lot of my weekend watching birds in my garden and out of the window.  I then went on the RSPB website to find out what they were - I’ve added a link to their bird identifier page below. What birds and other wildlife do you have in your garden? You could try identifying them and even drawing them. How about you record the number of birds you find each day or the different types of birds you see in a talley chart. You could even produce a pictogram or bar chart to share your data. The Topmarks website has some great resources in its data handling section. You could even produce your own information page or bird book about the birds that live around you.


I’m also trying to use the time I’ve got to practise playing my guitar. I used to play it all the time when I was younger but haven’t for a long time. I’m finding it a bit tricky at the moment but know that if I keep trying, I will get better again.


Are there any new skills you’re trying to learn?


Anyway, I must go as I’m back in school tomorrow and need to get ready. Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!


RSPB bird identifier









Hi Skylarks!


I hope all you’re learning is going well, you’re having fun at home and enjoying the sunshine. I was really pleased to hear from Jacob J and Riley recently who both wanted to say hello to you all. I’m also going to add some photos of some of things Jacob has been up to.


I was thinking about the lovely posters that you made for your friends with what makes them special and it got me thinking - we could make one for people in our families, maybe a mum, dad, brother or sister and maybe even someone we can’t see at the moment. It might be a nice way of showing them how special they are. Riley was also telling me about how he’s been helping out with some jobs at home. Has anyone been doing anything to help out at home? 


I’ve been very busy the last couple of days getting ready for and celebrating Betsy’s birthday. I did make the cake but it didn’t go quite to plan! First of all I couldn’t get any eggs at first as the shop had run out but luckily I eventually managed to get my hands on some. I felt very pleased with myself and was ready to start making it. I got out all the ingredients and went to start weighing them out but then realised the battery for our scales had gone flat and it was too late to go and buy a new one. Disaster! This meant that I had to use my maths estimating skills to guess the amount of flower, sugar and butter I needed but it seemed to all work out ok. Best of all, Betsy said ‘Stick man!’ when she saw it so it can’t have looked too bad! She also scoffed a whole slice in no time at all so it must have tasted ok too! We’re now stuck with a giant cake to eat and just three of us to eat it but I’m sure I can get it finished and I’ve been doing lots of Joe Wick’s workouts so I’ll use up all the energy I’m eating!


Most importantly Betsy had a really good birthday. I’ve been telling her all about you all as I’m missing you lots. She keeps drawing and painting you lots of pictures so I’ll try and photograph one and share it with you.


What have you all been up to? I’m going to try and add some more learning ideas for next week so let me know how I can help you and tell me if there’s any great ideas you’ve already tried out at home.


I hope you’re all well and looking after yourselves.


Take care,


Mr Harrison


Good morning everyone!
Before you get bored of me waffling on as usual, I thought I’d let you know about the new things I’ve added to the website. I thought I’d add a section about measure to the maths area as that’s what we’ve been learning about recently at school. I also added a what we’ve been up to section below the blog for you to send in photos and messages that can be shared with your friends - a big thank you to Lucy for getting that started. Finally, I’ve put in a link to Real Play in the whole school section. I had a look at it yeasterday and there’s really fun ideas there for games, songs, stories and all kinds of ways of keeping you active and having fun. Talking about being active, I’ve been trying out Joe Wickes’ workouts and they’re great......but hard work. I’m aching terribly this morning! Have you been doing them or even teaching family the go noodle dances? 
I’ve still not been feeling very well the last couple of days so haven’t been able to go into school. I was feeling a little down and bored, especially when I found out that we were not going to be able to go out quite as much as we had been. It was then that I got a letter from Lucy along with photos of all the things she’s been getting up to and it really cheered me up. I think it’s going to be really important that we stay in contact with people whether that’s our own family and friends or friends at school. I think we’re even going to have a go at making a rainbow with Betsy to stick in our window for other people to enjoy. We’ve seen a few while out for a walk and I love them. Have any of you been in contact with other people or made a rainbow?
It’s my mum’s birthday today so we’ve been practising singing happy birthday with Betsy and we’re going to video call her later. It’s also Betsy’s second birthday tomorrow and I’m supposed to be making her a Stickman cake, however I’m missing half the ingredients thanks to our online shop not including half of what we’ve ordered so I don’t know what she’ll end up with! I’ve had to be very creative with our food and we’ve ended up with some very strange things for dinner. 
I’ll let you all know how Betsy’s Birthday goes and try and share with you a picture of her cake. Hope you’re all doing well.
Love from Mr Harrison
Morning Skylarks!
Hope you all had a good weekend.
My wife, Betsy and I had a really lovely weekend enjoying the sun in our back garden and popping out for a couple of walks in the countryside when it was a bit quieter. It was amazing seeing lots of signs of Spring (blossom and buds on trees, flowers beginning to come out and lots of birds and other animals out and about). Betsy was most fascinated however with the ‘big cow poos’ and then spent the whole rest of the weekend talking about nothing else! I felt sad yesterday that I didn’t get to see my mum or my wife’s family but we got to talk to each other on Factetime which was almost as good - I’m going to have to teach my mum to point her iPad properly though as we spent most of the time talking to her jumper!
What have you been doing? What are you noticing changing outside? Maybe you could record it in a diary or blog, paint or draw what you’re seeing or even create some other artwork from what you find in your garden or local outside area.
Whatever you get up to this week with your home learning, concentrate on doing enough to keep busy and active but also make time for playing and doing what you and your family enjoy. 
I will be checking my emails so if you want to send me a message or if I can help with anything at all, please do (I’d love to hear about what you’re all up to)! If you want to practise your writing you could always write it and send me a photo or even ask an adult to type it up (if they’re not too busy). Either way, I’d love to hear about what you’re up to!
Take care,
Love, Mr Harrison
We had a really good discussion as a class about corona virus (the child friendly story we shared can be found here) and the fact that we would be learning from home for the foreseeable future. We shared our feelings and talked about how we might be feeling a bit nervous and sad that we won't be at school but agreed that this is a really exciting opportunity to explore our own learning ideas and find new ways of learning altogether. We also all agreed that our class and school is much more than a building - what is special about Skylarks is that we are all friends and that we all care about each other and that will not change just because we are not in the building together.
To remind ourselves of this we decided to make a poster with all of our faces on it so we can take them home with us.
We also got our learning books ready. We have a writing book, for any writing that we choose to do. We shared lots of ideas that we might like to write about. We then craeted a class mindmap of our ideas and stuck it in the front of our books to help us if we want to write but can't think of anything to do.
We also played lots of different maths games, using our times table cards and dice. These will be going home in the learning packs.
We decided to also take a learning book/journal with blank pages on it. We though that this would allow us to be really creative and use it for art, research, maths and all kinds of other ideas we might have.
I can't wait to see and hear about our learning at home!
What we’ve been up to!
Email in a message or photo of what you’ve been doing and I will try to upload it here for your friends to see.
The most important thing is to read and enjoy books but here are a few extra ideas:
Discussing books
What's happened so far?
What do you think will happen next? Why?
Why did they.....?
What word tells you that they are feeling.....?
What does that word mean?
Does this remind you of any other books you've read? Why? (Discussing themes that link texts can be a really great way of developing reading and writing)
Extra tasks
Read to a relative or friend in your home or through Facetime.
Read to a pet.
Act out your story using some of your toys or even as a family.
Create a new book jacket for your story with a blurb on the back, new front cover and even a new title (if you can think of a better one)
Create an alternative ending to a story.
Write a new story using the same characters.
Write a diary entry as a character.
Write a letter to a character (you could try and give them some advice)
You must read this book! Create a poster or book review to encourage your friends to try out this book.
Reading resources you can access:
Stay at Home Story time with Oliver Jeffers.
You will find lots of ideas for things to write about in the front cover of your writing book. You will also find a spelling sheet for children to use in your learning pack.
Keeping healthy leaflet
If you want to continue our learning from last week, you could create a leaflet or poster about how to keep healthy.

We discussed that in order to keep our bodies healthy we need to eat the right amounts of the right types of foods, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, keep our bodies clean and make sure we get the balance right of keeping our minds active while also giving ourselves time to rest and be calm too.
Let me know how you get on with it.
Week 3: Adding ing and ed to verbs
This week, I thought we could re-cap the rules for adding the suffixes 'ing' and 'ed'. I've created a powerpoint with the three rules and some example words to practise with which is linked below along with some adding ed activities.
STEM - We add suffixes to the end of a root word to change its meaning.
The rules are:
Just add ing : catching, passed, climbing
Double the consonant to keep the vowel short : hop - hopping, flap - flapped
Drop the e and add ing (words with split digraphs) : take - taking, hope - hoped 
Y to an i (adding ed only) : worry - worried, cry - cried
Spellzone and Spellingframe are excellent resources for supporting children with the year 2 spelling rules.
We have been focusing a lot recently on rules for adding suffixes (groups of letters we add to the end of a word to change its meaning)
ICT Games also has lots of great games for practising spellings - particularly our Year 2 common exception words (the words year 2 children are expected to be able to spell (with the support of their spelling sheet) by the end of the year)
Other learning
As part of our curriculum, children should be able to use both hands when typing. If you have access to a full keyboard at home, 'Dance Mat' typing is a fun and effective way of developing this.
White Rose Daily Maths Lessons
Click here to access daily lessons created by White Rose. They cover the areas of the Year 2 curriculum and include excellent videos and activities for the children to then attempt.
We have been learning lots about measure in school recently and I thought it might be an excellent area to explore at home. In year 2 children need to be able to measure and estimate using standard units of measurement as well as compare and order measurements. This is best done with real things eg measuring mass and volume while cooking, using a tape measure to measure the length of items at home.
There are lots of ideas in the two documents below along with some nice problems to really get you thinking. Let me know how you get on.

In your learning pack you should have two dice and some sets of times table cards. These are there to help children to develop key skills without always having to be on the computer.


Dice games


Race to 20

Each player takes turns to roll the dice. They each record a running total, adding what they roll each time. The winner is the first person to get to or over 20.


Race to 0

This is the same as the game above but each player starts with 20 and subtracts what they roll each go.


Both of these games can be adjusted to make them more challenging by rolling 2 dice each time and adding/subtracting the total


Times table cards

We played a game spreading all the cards out number sentence up. Then we took a card and read it out aloud. We remembered that x means multiply/times or ‘lots of’. We then said the answer. (Children can start by using their fingers to support working out the answers to the questions on the cards.) If correct we turned the card over and if incorrect we left it to return to.


We also used the cards to practise division. We spread them out with the whole (the answer to the times problem) facing up. We then chose a card and calculated how many e.g. 10s made that whole. We counted on fingers if we were not sure. To embed the knowledge we said e.g. for 30 (3x10)   ‘30 divided by ten equals three because 3 tens make thrity’


Let me know what other games you can come up with using the dice or the times table cards


Marvellous Maths Sites
Times table rock stars - This is a great site for practising times tables and an app is also available. Children should focus on using garage mode, which will move them on to the next level of challenge when they can answer questions quickly enough. If using a keyboard, it's really important that the children type in answers using the keypad on the right-hand side of the keyboard along with the enter button. This is so they can answer questions quickly enough to move them on. If you have issues with this, please email me and I can adjust the settings.
 Numbots - This is a new site set up by the makers of TimestableRockstars. It is aimed at KS1 children and seeks to develop their understanding of number bonds (how numbers fit together to make wholes). This is key for children's understanding of addition and subtraction moving forward. The children can create a character and develop their knowledge through story mode. Again, ensure the right-hand keypad is used to get answers inputted quickly enough to move your child on.
Topmarks - This website is full of fun and engaging games that develop all areas of maths. It is also easy to select an appropriate level of challenge for your child.
ICT Games - Another great website for lots of fun maths games that can be easily set to adjust the level of challenge. There are also some great spelling resources available here too.
Teach ActiveThis is a great resource for fun and active ideas for helping develop maths and some english skills too. You can select particular year groups and areas of learning and a selection of games and other activities are provided with downloadable resources. You will be sent a link to the homework section of the website.