Learning at home-Skylarks Year 2

Welcome to Skylarks' home learning page
A message from Miss Knight, your Year 3 teacher!
A letter will be sent very soon with all the information you will need about coming up to KS2.
Thank you!
Just a quick message to say thank you so much for coming in yesterday. It was lovely seeing you all and catching up. Also, thank you so much for my beautiful card. I will treasure that.
Have a great summer and well done once more for a really great year!
Love Mr Harrison
A final hello for the year!
A chance for me to tell you about the week's learning but more importantly say a big thank you for being such a wonderful class. Sorry it's a bit late - the computer was not behaving this morning!
Our summer topic is Up, Up and Away!
Big Question: Is it really worth travelling into space?
We've reached outer space!
After travelling out of the Earth's atmosphere, we are now in outer space.
What would it feel like being in space?
How is it different from being on Earth?
What do you already know about space? Can you name any planets or other features?
Has anyone travelled to space before? Are there any humans in space now?
European Space Agency
Did you know that it's not just the USA and NASA that explore space, the European Space Agency (ESA) is also exploring space?
Use their website to find out more, answer your own questions and play really fun games. It's great just to explore but if you want some suggestions, follow the links below.
Space X Mission
As you read this, an exciting new space mission is underway. To find out more explore the links below.
To share what you've found out you could write a newspaper report or even perform your own news report to other people at home!
Maths - 13.07.2020 - Telling the Time
This week we'll be continuing to learn how to read analogue clock faces. We'll then move on to solving problems related to time. The hickory dickory clock game (link in last week's maths resources) is a great way of practising this skill. If your child finds telling the time to the nearest five minutes too challenging, focus on mastering o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.
Click here to access daily lessons created by White Rose. We are on Week 12.  The resources to accompany the videos can be downloaded below. 
Don't forget to keep practising number bonds and times tables. For a great selection of games to practise times tables, use the Topmarks website or login to Times Table Rockstars.
If you're looking for a little extra challenge, there are lots of great games and problems to explore on the nrich website.
Measure: volume, temperature and time
This week's learning is a bit of a mix of skills. Alongisde the White Rose videos and sheets, you could estimate and measure the capacity of containers throughout your home, estimate and measure temperature if you have a thermometer and practise reading your own clocks. The time lessons cover the required Year 2 knowledge but if you are already confident with o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to then have a go at the telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes sheet that I've attached below. The Hickory Dickory Clock game is also a great way of practising reading clock times.
Click here to access daily lessons created by White Rose. We are on Week 11.  The resources to accompany the videos can be downloaded below. 
Don't forget to keep practising number bonds and times tables. For a great selection of games to practise times tables, use the Topmarks website or login to Times Table Rockstars
If you're looking for a little extra challenge, there are lots of great games and problems to explore on the nrich website.
English 13.07.2020
Preparing for Year 3
This week we'll be telling our lovely new teacher, Miss Knight, all about ourselves. There are lots of options for how you might do this. You could write her a letter. Start by looking at the powerpoint with lots of ideas for things you could tell her about. Then you could also think about questions you might want ask Miss Knight (she might be able to answer them when she sees you in September).
Alternatively you could fill out the transition shield with drawings and/or writing. Whatever you do, it will be a great way of telling Miss Knight a little bit about you.  Have fun!
English 06.07.2020
Creating your own planet!
This week we'll be finding out a little more about the planets in our solar system and then designing our own planet! The plan and resources are available below.

How far will your planet be from the sun? This will affect its temperature

What will its surface be like? Water, rock, gas?

Is there life there? If so what and how does it survive?


I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Find out more about our solar system by reading the text below and answering the questions. There are different levels of challenge and the answers are also available.

Spelling 06.07.2020

Common exception words


This week, we'll be practising how to spell the Common Exception Words (year 2 words we should be able to spell by the end of the year).


Choose 6 words from the list below that you find tricky to spell (if you are confident with CEW words, then choose your own list). Then practise them using the activities below or choose  a different activity from the powerpoint.


1. Look, cover, write check

2. Rainbow write - write the word using joined handwriting in one colour. Then choose another colour and write it again over the top. Continue this, building up lots of different colours.

3. Write the words on a wall or on the ground using a paintbrush and water.

4. Practise writing your words during a handwriting session.


At the end of the week ask and adult or older sibling to test you. Have you managed to learn your words.


29.06.2020 Spelling


suffix is a letter or group of letters that goes on the end of a word and changes the word's meaning.

Sometimes they also change the original word's spelling. When adding a suffix you might have to double the last letter. For example when adding 'ed' to 'drop' you also double the p so it becomes 'dropped'.

Some suffixes have specific uses. Adding ‘ing’ can change a noun into a verb eg 'garden' to 'gardening'. While ‘ed’ can put a verb in the past tense eg 'jump' to 'jumped'.

Space Music
Have a listen and sing along to the planet song. It's a great way of learning the names of the planets in our solar system and their order.
You may also want to find the songs listed below and listen to them. They are all inspired by space.
Science: Plants

Year 2 objectives from the national curriculum:

  • observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants
  • find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.
After looking at the word document below with lots of learning ideas, check out the BBC Bitesize resources which include lots of video clips and activities to support understanding.
Cristianity - Gospel
What is the good news Jesus brings?
Christians celebrate Jesus coming to Earth and the good he brought. In this unit we explore what good news Christians believe Jesus brought and how they thank him for it.
Open the word document below to access the lessons and resources for this unit.
Check out the Active Albourne page on the school website to find out more about our new school competition.
Coping with not being at school and seeing friends
We are learning about changes in PSHE and the biggest change and have faced huge changes. It's been tough not seeing you all and I know that, despite all the fun you are having spending time with family, lots of us are missing school, the staff and most of all, our friends. Children in school have drawn some picture and made you things to show they are thinking of you. Dylan also wrote a letter. If you want to write a letter, draw a picture or make something for your friends in Skylarks, then send in a photo and I'll post it here.
History: Has anyone visited space before?
Find out about the history of space travel. Has anyone been into space? How did they get there? How far have they travelled?
Follow this link to find out all about Neil Armstrong and have a go at the activities included with it.
It's a great time to practise your handwriting. The videos below show you how to form letters and also how to join them. If you keep practising,  bet you'll have handwriting even more beautiful than mine by the time you're back in school!
Video 1 - curly caterpillar letters
Video 2 - one armed robot letters
Video 3 - long ladder letters
Video 4 - zig-zag letters
What we’ve been up to!
Email in a message or photo of what you’ve been doing and I will try to upload it here for your friends to see.
Information pages
Come and enjoy your friends' work and learn something new too!
World Ocean Day Posters
Man on the Moon Diary entries
Fact files
Our Planets
Have a look at our weather reports!
Below our the maths videos I added earlier in the term. They explain parts and wholes and how this leads on to addition and subtraction