Learning at home-Woodpeckers Year 5

Welcome Woodpeckers!
Take a look at what some of us have been up to
Morning Woodpeckers,
The WhiteRose Hub website has daily learning for Maths that is based on decimals. Week 1 takes us through what we were learning before school closure so if you're in need of a recap, have a go at some of those tasks. 
Week 2 takes us through new learning for decimals. Please have a go at each of these sessions over the week when you have time. Each activity comes with a learning video where you are talked through the skill - very important! Please watch these to ensure you fully understand the skill.
I hope you have a good day,
Miss Heard
Morning Woodpeckers! Happy Monday!
Welcome to week 2. I hope you had a good first week settling in to your new routine and managed to get outside in the lovely sunshine. It's been very odd for me not seeing you all each day - very quiet! I know some of you are finding it a little tricky to work out a timetable (if using one). It might help to think about all the things you'd like to achieve in each day e.g. go for a walk, do some maths, write in my journal, make some lunch for my family, and try to tick each one off every day. They don't have to be done in the same order as the day before so you can get creative! 
It's been lovely speaking to some of you today and hearing about what you've been up to. There's lots going on! Some mentioned maths being a bit of a struggle at home so I've put more resources on this page which will hopefully help! Please do email me if you need further support with this or even just to share what you've been doing. It would be great to put some of those photos on our page to keep us all in contact!
Mrs Henson and I are looking forward to seeing some of you later in the week if you're still in school. I will be in contact with many of you over the week to catch up so do listen out for the phone!
Have a good day and stay safe,
Miss Heard
Home learning
Below are documents and website links for home learning. The document labelled 'school closure work' includes reading, writing, maths and foundation subject ideas. There are 10 sessions available for reading, writing and maths - this is not an expectation but it does give daily learning in these areas just like we would be doing at school until the Easter break. The sessions are not new learning, but recap skills we've been doing since September. There are ideas for foundation subjects, too, and other challenges/tasks. You can only do as much as you can, so please don't feel like you have to do everything on the list and do go with your child’s interests! Singing, dancing, cooking, walking are all part of education too!
These ideas were shared with Woodpeckers' class and they have added their own ideas - enjoy! Please do share with us what you've been up to at home - we can put your work and activities on this page for others to magpie!
For further websites, please look on the school website in Curriculum Information.
All the best for the next few weeks,
Miss Heard and Mrs Henson
This page will be updated regularly. Last updated: 2-4-2020
School closure work document
Please download the 'school closure work' document to your home computer so that, should the internet fail or you have no access to the website, you have activities to choose from.
English and writing resources
Below are some resources to support writing - the PowerPoint links to the work set in 'school closure work' document.
The book 'Wonder' is going to be read aloud at 4pm daily. Please follow the link on the picture:
For support with spellings, please open and save the documents below:
For more support with Maths using websites, please open and save the document below. The WhiteRose Hub is a resource we use to help teach Maths at school. The website have some home learning support which you may find useful in addition to the work set in the 'school closure work' document.
If your child is still doing their Mighty Multiples, please practise on TimesTables Rockstars daily to keep this up.
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and division
Further learning
Here is a document with some websites for further learning.
The website for Oxford Owl has free ebooks on their website at the moment - please take advantage of this! 
Harptoons Publishing will be doing LIVE drawing classes for families everyday from 6pm (2pm EST). Here is a link if you would like to join:
Here are some positive messages the class have written for the days when reduced social contact becomes a little dull!