Learning at home-Woodpeckers Year 5

A message for next year's year 6 from Mr Hamilton
Welcome Woodpeckers!
My Dear Woodpeckers,
Maths update: WhiteRose have a unit on measurement and units of mesurement this week. We haven't covered this yet so would be good for you to have a go. To make things fun for the end of term, have a go at the Pirate Game saved in the maths section. It requires you to play with other people and it a LOT of fun. 
Lots of love,
Miss Heard and Mrs Henson
P.S. Here is a recommended read website for all age groups. Have a look at Year 5 and see how many you have read already https://thereaderteacher.com/year5/
How many more can you read over the summer holidays?
Take a look at what some of us have been up to
Year 5 book club reading challenge
This is a chance to share what you've been reading and include a review.
In the past, we've had reading challenges where you've been caught reading in the most interesting place. So, to keep the challenge alive, we're setting you the task to try and read your book in the most interesting place - be that in your house, garden or anywhere you end up!
Please send your photos and reviews in to me and I'll upload them on here. Hopefully we can inspire others to read and help them decide what to read! See below for the start of these.
World Ocean Day photos:
History in Summer term - Ancient Greece
Key question: Can we thank the Greeks for anything in life today?
Below is a document which has 12 sessions all about the Ancient Greeks. Please follow each session in order and download the document to your home computer. Underneath the document are all resources you need (some are linked in the document). The resources on this page are in order of when you will need them. You will of course find more sources in books and on other websites! 
Underneath are photos of some of the resources we would be using in school.
New learning for wb 13-7-2020 can be found on the WhiteRose Hub website. This goes through units of measurement and converting time - something we haven't had a lot of practise in. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/
New learning is in the zip folder below labelled 13-7-2020
Don't forget to plan, draft, edit for purpose and effect on the reader, proof-read to check for mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Make sure to use paragraphs to organise your ideas. If you use speech, please ensure you use the correct speech punctuation.
Try to use relative clauses (gives extra information about the noun usually starting with which, who or where) and parenthesis (brackets, dashes and commas for direct extra information). These will make your writing much more Year 5-esque!
And definitely don't forget capital letters and full stops!
A good resource to support story writing: https://www.pobble365.com/a-day-in-the-life-of
Another resource for spellings and GPS (grammar, punctuation and spellings) skills https://schools.beano.com/lesson_plan_category/spag-lolz/
A video to spark Greek interest
Here are the Year 5/6 spellings that the we need to know by the end of next year. Have a go at practising those you're unsure of.
The Land of Roar.
It is a "story book award" book, which was sent to Albourne with three other story book award books to read. We were to decide which we like the most and vote for our favourite. As we weren't able to complete this task,  I plan to upload a collection of chapters each week until the end of term (I have copyright permission).
Please let me know if you enjoy it!
Here is a recommended read website for all age groups. Have a look at Year 5 and see how many you have read https://thereaderteacher.com/year5/
Can you read some more over the summer holidays?
Science - updated 29-6-2020
This term, we would be focusing on 'Living Things and their Habitats' - a great summer term topic! Below is a document for Science learning for the whole term. You can only do as much as you can do so please don't feel pressured to complete all of the lessons! Alternatively, you may wish to adapt these lessons to fit your surroundings. The objectives the children need to learn are: 
  •          describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird
  •          describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals
  •          describe the changes as humans develop to old age (last two weeks of summer term)
The resources you need for the lessons are saved underneath the document. These are in order of when you need them, just like the Ancient Greek resources. Enjoy!
Underneath these resources are some STEM challenges. Have a go!
Below are two BBC links to 9 sessions of music related to the Greeks.
This term we would be focusing on athletics and getting ready for sports day, while thinking about what would've been the 2020 Olympics. This ties in nicely to our History focus as the Greeks invented the Olympics. 
If you can, practise long distance running. The NHS has an app called "Couch to 5k" which takes you through a 9-week programme designed to help you build up your running stamina.
Alongside this, design your own Olympic games.
  • What events will you include?
  • What points system will you create?
  • Could you get your whole family involved?
  • You could even encourage others not in your household to take part in their garden!
May the best athlete win! 
Art and DT - UPDATE 30-6-2020
Task 1: Create your own Theatre Mask
Check out the resources below
Task 2: Create your own Greek pottery
Check out the resources below
I have been working with the Year 4 key worker bubble on Tuesdays and we are creating rainforest pop-up books. Although our topic isn't rainforests, you could easy have a go at practising the mechanisms and then apply the skill to your own Greek book, or a topic of your choice! Have a go and let me know how you get on. Resources are saved below.
Computing 2-7-2020
This half term we would be focusing on graphics - animation. See if you can follow the PowerPoint and have a go. You will need the software Monkey Jam. If you have a Mac or iPhone, use Stop Motion.
Make sure you ctrl-s regularly!!
Noah's animation: https://youtu.be/VzNW8B-Xvbc
Here are a couple of sessions that you may wish to try at home. They require working with someone as it involves a lot of discussion. It may be a subject to approach when all the members in your household are able to work together. Alternatively, the children could have these discussions through video chat if adults are unavailable. Please do discuss matters brought up in these conversations, as they may require adult intervention.
In a time such as now it's important to develop resilience and positivity. Below are some resources that may help with this. There are lots more on Twinkl.
Sign up to Duolingo to increase your french knowledge https://www.duolingo.com/
Usually our RE sessions are discussion based so it's a little tricky to set these tasks but have a go! This half term is Judaism.
Task 1
Research Judaism and see if you can find out when it began.
God promised Abraham land if he did what he told him to do. This was to check if he would Obey him. 
Task 2
Research and discuss the events of 'God's promise to Abraham'. Can you rewrite the story in your own words? 
Task 3
Recap why they are important…should they be kept? Is there any time they should be broken? What would you have done had you been put in Abraham's position regarding his son? Would your decision be different if you lived 2000 years ago?
Role-play something you have been promised to have/do. What reaction would you give if someone doesn't keep their promise?
Task 4
Research the 10 commandments and discuss what they mean. Can you order them into the most and least important?
If you had to create a set of commandments for living in a modern world, what would they write? 
Task 5
Research Jewish artefacts
Task 6
Research Jewish festivals e.g. Passover, Hanukkah, Rosh Hasanah, Yom Kippur
Here are some positive messages the class have written for the days when reduced social contact becomes a little dull!