March 2022

3rd March 2022
Year 6 had a fantastic trip to Newhaven Fort as part of our World War Two topic. We enjoyed a hands on workshop before exploring the casemate galleries. There were many highlights, including the recreation of an air raid shelter during an attack; the haunted canopier tunnels and the huge gun placed on the ramparts. To see more  photos from the day, visit the year 6 webpage.
Year 5 Anglo-Saxons and Vikings Day
Year 5 finally got to take part in their day with Portals to the Past this week (after it had to be rescheduled from last half-term because of COVID).  
It was a day full of drama and a lot of battles!  We began with a talk that gave us an overview of the history of this period (from 410AD when the Romans left until 1066 and the Battle of Hastings).  Then we did some fact finding to answer quiz questions.  After a fierce battle between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, we learnt how to bury our Queen (and Mrs Atkins got buried with her as her slave!)  
Back in the classroom we got to look at some fantastic artefacts that gave us lots of information about what it was like to live in this period. When asked if the children would like to have lived then, the answer was a firm NO!
In the afternoon we got to try out some Viking armour and weapons and then recreated the Battle of Stamford Bridge (with foam swords and shields!).  We finished off with the myth of Thor's stolen hammer - which saw some great dramatic performances from the children.
It was a fun day.  We learnt a lot and had a great time.
International Mother Language Day 21.02.2022
Is it was UNESCO International Mother Language Day in February, year 3 conducted a survey around school to find out what languages, other than English, were spoken in the homes of pupils and staff in our school community - there were 15! Some children even spoke more than one language at home. Those children and staff have been invited to teach us some basic words in these various languages that we can use in the classroom.
It was science week for Albourne this week. The children were all very excited about the activities that they did. We started the week with a science assembly where the children were shown the effect of gravity. Years 2,3,4 & 5 did a Crazy Chemist workshop which involved chemical reactions from colour changing liquids to making their own slime.  Be sure to ask them about the Elephant's toothpaste! 
We had a whole school science day on Wednesday, there was an amazing buzz around the school as the children moved around in their house colours with each group having children from reception to year 6.
The activities they did included - 
Finding out if black really is black? (chromatography) They were amazed by the range of colours that was in black ink.
The children created their own rainbows using kitchen roll and felt tip pens (capillary action).
They learnt about Rosalind Franklin and made DNA using pipe cleaners. The fun fact they all took from that activity was that 50 percent of human DNA is the same as the DNA found in bananas! 
A huge thank you to the parents who came in to talk to classes about their science careers. 
Year 5 had a great DT day where we made mechanical posters, using either a pulley system, gears or levers.