It was good to see so many parents joining us either for our parent information session about maths at Albourne in the evening, or during the morning open session when parents were able to visit the classrooms to see maths teaching and learning in practice.
Please find below the Progression in Calculation policy for Albourne CE School.  This shows the steps that your child will go through for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as their understanding develops and they move through the school.
In 2015/2016 teachers from Albourne joined the Maths Hub research project to trial the teaching of maths through the mastery approach. We now use this approach across the school.   The information sessions explained how this works in practice at Albourne.  Slides from this presentation can be accessed below. 
Thank you for your positive comments about the parents sessions - we will continue to run sessions that increase the partnership between home and school.
'wonderful to watch how they all work in the class - very enjoyable. Great ideas for home.'
'Very impressed with the way the teaching in both classes I visited. the children were engaged and interested.'
'Very useful session which has been enlightening. It will be helpful to aid my child with his progression.'
'Brilliant presentation - well explained. Thanks to all the teachers for having us in their classrooms.'
For more information about what children are expected to know in each particular year group, visit the section labelled 'expectations of the new primary curriculum'.