May 2022

1st May 2022
Year 5 Rivers Work
Year 5 needed lots of space for their rivers work this week!  After an introductory lesson using maps to find the longest rivers in the world, this week we started our enquiry question: What is a River?
In groups the children were given different photos of the River Exe and the had to put them in order from beginning to end, or what we have now learnt is 'from source to mouth'.  
There was lots of discussion and negotiating what should go where.  After we shared the results and made sure our rivers were in the correct order we then added vocabulary to each picture.  We also noted what man-made features we could see by the river side.
French Club 
Our KS1 French Club started this week with Mrs Pooley. Children enjoyed watching a French episode of Pepa Pig visiting the Eiffel Tower and learned colour vocabulary. 
OPAL playtimes
We have now launched our new playtime programme and have had a lot of fun this week opening our mud kitchen, exploring both playgrounds, climbing trees and dressing up while dancing to music! 
Thank you to everyone that has donated things, keep it coming in! Our favourite quote from the playground:
"This is the best school ever!"
Year 1 trip to Wakehurst
Year 1 went to Wakehurst to study plants and trees. We went on a treemendous walk and discovered the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. 
Year 6 had a wonderful time at Green Park for their residential. There was lots of perseverance and courage shown by the children in many areas; with encouragement and support being offered in abundance. A great three days. More photographs will be added to the year 6 home page.
Year 5 Trip To Chichester Harbour
Year 5 had a great time learning about rivers on their trip to Fishbourne Meadow and Dell Quay this week.  They conducted fieldwork IN the river and, after a beautiful walk along the harbour, took part in some excellent practical activities back at Chichester Conservancy's Classroom.  Year 5 are now overflowing with geographical vocabulary.   The staff leading the trip commented on how much they knew and what a lovely class they were.  Well done Year 5!  
Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
We had a fantastic day on Wednesday celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  Each year group was given a different decade from the Queen's reign and dressed up in clothes from that decade.  All the children spent the morning learning about the Queen and taking part in a variety of different history and art activities.  Then in the afternoon we all paraded around the playground and sat down to enjoy a musical performance from each class showcasing their decade.  We finished off with a street party (indoors as the weather was not as warm as we would have liked!)  Have a look at some of the lovely photos taken by Mrs Hughes of the afternoon celebrations.
Platinum Jubilee  Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II Art Competition
Each child drew, painted or collaged a portrait of Queen Elizabeth as part of our Jubilee Celebrations. These have been put on display at Hurstpierpoint Library and Albourne Church as part of our wider community celebrations.