Phonics and Spellings

Phonics teaching and learning at Albourne

Phonics makes the links between letters and the sounds they represent. Children need to learn the sounds for not only the 26 letters in the alphabet but also the 44 main phonemes in the English language. They also need to learn that some sounds have more than one way of being written. We begin teaching this phonetic knowledge in Reception.

Phonics is taught through a highly structured approach of daily lessons.  In order to meet the needs of all the children, teaching is organised in groups differentiated according to children’s phonic awareness and development. This continues throughout KS1 – and beyond if there is a need.

At Albourne we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ which provides a synthetic approach to the teaching of phonics. Each session gives an opportunity for children to revisit their previous experience, to be taught new skills, to practice together and to apply what they have learned. We also use ‘Jolly Phonics’ resources to provide activities that support phonics learning.

Letters and Sound Information
Below are all the 44 sounds that we teach and how we say them.  Click on each sound to hear the pronunciation.