At Albourne we aim to encourage children to have a positive attitude to reading, and to develop a strong interest and enjoyment of books.   Reading is, of course, a key life skill that opens the door to learning, and is also a great source of pleasure. The National Curriculum states that pupils should be taught to read fluently, understand extended prose and be encouraged to read for pleasure. The 2014 Curriculum divides reading skills into two dimensions:

  • Word reading/ decoding (reading individual words)

  • Comprehension (understanding of texts)

Both these elements are essential to success and your child will be given opportunities to develop their reading skills during the school day through various methods and different aspects of learning.

At Albourne, children are exposed to different types of ‘texts’ including non-fiction books, fiction books, poetry, magazines, articles online, newspapers, letters etc.  Our English lessons are based on the use of quality, rich and engaging key texts. In addition, a guided reading session is included in the school day for every age group where children develop their understanding of text by working in a small group with an adult, through skilled questionning and discussion.

Early reading skills are developed through carefully structured phonics teaching.