Robins celebrations

4th November 2020

Diwali and Bonfire Celebrations


This week in RE, we have been looking at the Autumn celebrations of Diwali and Bonfire night. The children have been exploring how to make rangoli patterns using coloured rice and they also worked hard to stay in the lines whilst colouring in mandala and rangoli art. We learnt that the festival is one of many colours and just like on Bonfire Night, there are often fireworks. The children got to create their own fireworks using pipe cleaners and coloured beads, by tracing patterns in glitter and flour, and by creating their own firework art. Finally, we thought about some words to describe the sounds that fireworks make such as "pop", "crash", "bang", "whoosh", and "fizz" and the children had a go at creating actions for them before writing them down. What wonderful learners they are!