School Council

The School Council is made up of a group of pupils from different classes who are chosen by their classmates to represent all children in the school and to give the opportunity for children to contribute ideas to the running of the school.  The school council meet regularly  with a member of staff who helps them to put their ideas into action.  Sometimes other adults are involved in the meetings - parents, governors and other people from our school community. The School Council is currently working hard to lead Albourne CE School along the journey to becoming a rights-respecting school.  This is an initiative based on the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child, and is supported by Unicef.  All children and adults in our school community are learning about the rights of children worldwide, and the responsiblites that go alongside these.  The School Council steering group already has recognition of registering their interest in this initiative. Other initiatives that the School Council has undertaken this year include raising money to buy recycling bins for lunchtime, and  running  a  Fair Trade Stall. The council has lots more ideas for the future.