Skylarks fly to Australia

27th February 2020

Skylarks have finally arrived in Australia, with the help of Mr and Mrs Parker who volunteered to come in (in full uniform) and recreate a British Airways flight.

In preparation for this, we planned routes to Australia, describing the continents, countries and oceans we would need to travel past, through or over as well as using north, south, east and west to describe our direction of movement. We also created passports, which gave us an opportunity to discuss being a citizen of the United Kingdom and what that means. We explored Australia using Google Earth and researched activities we could once there so that we were fully prepared for our trip.

The flight itself was an amazing experience, made all the more real thanks to all the effort Mr and Mrs Parker went to and the enthusiasm shown by the children. We enjoyed a full safety briefing, a simulated take-off from Heathrow and landing in Sydney created on Mr Parker’s flight simulator and even an in-flight snack!

The children made passports and wrote what they feel makes being British special.
"I like that we can learn and that we can go to school because some people can't."-Astrid
"We have our own flag and our own laws."- Kristen
"In England there are fair laws and in some countries there are some rules that are not so fair and we should feel grateful that our rules are not like that."-Cassidy
"A man is allowed to marry a man and a woman is allowed to marry a woman and in other countries you're not."-Rory
"Because Britain is a fair country."-Aston
"You can be yourself in Great Britain."-Matteo