Special Educational Needs

Albourne CE School is inclusive and aims to meet the needs of all children. We work closely with parents and outside agencies to ensure that every child has the best possible provision. We value every child, and our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of all pupils. The Local Offer for SEN gives more details of how we do this.

Some children have additional support for personal development and well-being through nurture groups and a Learning Mentor.
This is what they said:
"I like my Learning Mentor time. I like to talk because it makes more things easier. It helps me to solve problems to talk about them. Sometime I have worries or thoughts in my head and I can't always concentrate in class." 
"I like "Circle of Friends". I know more about other people and I know what to do if I am stuck in a situation. It was nice to do it with Year 5 boys  because you don't usually mix with people from other year groups." 
"I like "Circle of Friends". I like other people seeing me as I am and not someone to be scared of. I liked we were able to learn about different people. I think that it worked having children from different classes." 
"Lego club helped me to be more patient. It has also taught me to share, I really liked it."
"I like going to Learning Mentor sessions..It is really good to talk about things that have happened and how I feel. I liked the Red Beast story and I sometimes have one in me. Sometimes I come to school angry." 
"I like to come out for Nurture. I follow the rules and I am getting better at asking questions and trying new things."
"I like Nurture. Sometimes I can listen in Nurture. I ask good questions because I always listen to other people's news."