Windmill Hill Residential

15th October 2014
Kestrels' Class all set off together this morning bound for Windmill Hill PGLResidential centre.  There was much excitement as they boarded the coach after a few warm-up activities at school.  They have now arrived safely, and are most impressed with the Centre.
All well at Windmill Hill, and the children are enjoying the evening activities.
The children loved the giant swing activity on Wednesday afternoon, followed by problem solving and the challenge of 'All Aboard'.  After a good night's sleep, they are looking foward to abseiling and tunnelling today (Thursday).
It was great to visit the children today; they are all having a fantastic time and tackling all sorts of exciting outdoor challenges, from abseiling to air football.  The accomodation looks fantastic - and there are even some very tidy bedrooms!
Once again, all the children have had a good night's sleep.  This morning they will be 'tunelling' so expect plenty of muddy children home this afternoon!  Expected time of arrival home is 2.30, we will let you know if this is going to be very different.  Children may stay in school until the usual home time if you are not able to collect them at 2.30.