Windmill Hill Residential

12th October 2016
We waved our Year 6 children off this morning as they set off for 3 days of fun at Windmill Hill activity centre.  They have arrived safely and are looking forward to an exciting afternoon, and the evening disco.
Everyone is having a great time - abseiling, Jacobs ladder, zip wire and rifle shooting are some of the activities that the children (and teachers!) have enjoyed.  All the children have been keen to challenge themselves, and have 'had a go'.  It is great to see the children encouraging each other, and showing fantastic teamwork.  The weather has been good and the food is excellent - much needed after all the energetic activities. 
The children have been very competitive at completing the chalet challenge - possibly because the prize for the tidiest chalet each day is to be first in the dining room queue!
The PGL instructors are, as ever, thoughtful and encouraging, making sure that everyone enjoys their stay. 
The children will have lots to talk about when they return home!