World Maths Day 2020

15th October 2020
World Math's Day
Thursday 15th October
Today was World Math's Day! Across the school, the children took part in lots of games, investigations and activities to celebrate. 
Year 4 were given the challenge, 'Using the date, Thursday 15th October 2015, what could you find out?
The children developed their own lines of enquiry. These range from; 'how many days until Christmas?' to 'how many days until my 18th birthday'!
The children were able to draw upon lots of their recent learning and enjoyed using a range of resources and strategies.
Year 5 have been learning about rates of change and how to show this using line graphs. We looked at Baumgartner's skydive, who broke the speed of sound, and looked at the rate of change in temperature as you move further away from earth. We plotted this on a line graph, which showed a constant rate of change ie the line on the graph was straight. 
In comparison to this, we looked at line graphs to show continuous data - measuring the temperature in different parts of the school, every hour, over the day supported us with this. We were able to identify intermediate temperatures also. 
After this, we measured our resting heart rate and then looked at the impact of exercise on our heart rate. This is to be shown using a line graph also, so we can interpret the data further.
Year 6 put their knowledge of multiplication into practice and played games against their friends.