Year 2 - Skylarks 2020

Skylarks Summer Term 2021
Our Topic: The Space Race
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Creative Homework Grid
Mrs Pooley
On 18th May we had a fantastic visit from Jo Fox from Spacefund UK who taught us many fascinating facts about the history of space travel in such a lively and engaging way. 
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To conclude our Living Things & Their habitats science topic, Skylarks really loved working together to construct homely habitats for our local mini-beast neighbours. Thank you all for your contributions of garden materials and for those who came to help this afternoon. Feel free to take a peek over the Quiet Garden fence to see for yourselves what the children have made.
Mrs Pooley
Welcome to year 2. This is Skylark's space to share some of their amazing learning. 
We will post fortnightly, the Ask Me About letters and the half termly homework grids.  Check regularly for tips or links to help support your child's learning at home.
If at anytime you wish to contact me to discuss any aspect of your child's school life, please don't hesitate to email the office or arrange a time for a chat. 
Thanks for your support 
Miss Molloy 
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Notice to year 2 families:
If your child has to stay at home due to covid and is not feeling unwell, year 2 will be sharing some of the learning taking place in class, so you can access it at home. Over the coming weeks, year 2 will be introduced to Google Classrooms in school and we will move over to this platform. Information to support parents how to use, will follow shortly. As always, if you have any questions, concerns please email the office. Can I also remind you that while we get Google Classrooms up and running the homework grid is a helpful place to start. 

Maths tip for parents : If at home your concrete resources could be coins which could be used to represent numbers - eg: coins   1p for ones,  ten pence for tens    and  one pound for 100s. Or be creative pasta = ones   pencils = tens.


In maths  we have been investigating the value of numbers. We are becoming expert at representing numbers in different ways, partitioning them into parts and adding them back together. 
We like to think of the = equal sign like a balance scales so each side has the same value even if it looks different. 
23 = 10 + 13
In English we have designed traps to catch the pesky Stone Giant, who has been sighted in the school grounds. Luckily we have discovered he is a harmless creature, who needs protecting. 
We have learnt a set of instructions and have been exploring what makes a clear and effective set of instructions. We used a text map and actions to help us remember. Why not ask your child to perform them for you. Attached are photographs of our text map for them to follow.  
The children have been writing lists using commas and adding adjectives so the reader knows what they need to succeed. Maybe they could help write your shopping lists for you.
Next week the children will be writing their own instructions so watch this space. 

In RE, we have been learning the parable of the Lost Son. 
We used a drama technique called freeze framing to show how the characters may have felt at different points in the story. 
In maths we have been using fact families to find addition and subtraction facts. 

We used Mr Inverse to help us remember. 
We learnt that the equals sign does not always have to go at the end of a number sentence as the  = sign means the same value, so it is like a balance scale.