Year 2 - Skylarks 2021/22

Welcome Skylarks!
Hello! This page will be a place where we can share any of the wonderful work we get up to, communications and resources that may help you at home.
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Ms Miah and Mrs Moseley
 Edited 29/04/22
Our Learning
Summer term - Space
How do we know about space?  
Who were the first people to discover the planets?
Who was the first person on space?
Who was the first person on the moon?
What is it like to travel in space?
Will we land on Mars?
Australia Day 06.04.22
The  children had an amazing time - they came dressed ready to explore Australia.
The day started with virtual tours of Australian landmarks like Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef and Uluru. They then delved into how Captain Cook found Australia and created a telescope. 
The children then tried Australian staples like Vegemite, Milo drink and Timtams - they all got a thumbs up! They listen to music with digeridoo and had a go at one themselves. The children then decorated boomerangs using Aboriginal art styles that they had previously learnt about. 
A thoroughly  exciting day was had by all as can be seen by pictures below!
We have been learning about Australian Art 
The children have created dot paintings and have been telling stories using symbols in the sand.
World Book Day
Thursday 3rd March 2022
Ask me abouts
These will go out fortnightly on Fridays.
Homework grid
Please find below our half term homework grid. 
Any homework brought in will be kept in the locker area and shown during the last week of term.
If you choose to create a power point or something on the computer, please email it to the office as it is easier to have it sent on an email.
Helpful resources
Below there are some helpful resources to support your child's learning at home.
Reading -
We put everything we learn from our phonics lessons into our reading. You can set up a free parent log in with Oxford Owl which has a library full of ebooks you can access at home. The children enjoyed looking through this during one of our Computing lessons.
In addition to this, West Sussex Library Service have a great page with activities. If you are a member, you can access eBooks, eComics and eMagazines for free. You will need your library card number to gain access.
We are learning about 2D & 3D shapes in our Maths lessons. We will be naming shapes, saying how many sides and vertices they have. We will be sorting them into different categories and thinking about lines of symmetry.  A good website for games to support their learning is Top Marks and bbc bitesize
In Year 2, all children are now working at Phase 5 following on from where they finished in Year 1. Here at Albourne, we follow the government scheme of Letters and Sounds.
There is a copy of the power point shared during the Phonics parent meeting on 20-09-21 in addition to some other helpful resources to support your child's learning at home below.
Along with the phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (written way to represent the sound), the children learn 'tricky' words. These are also in the resources section should you wish to go over these at home.
Google Classroom
Any home learning tasks will be put on Google classroom. All children have received their log ins last year for this, but if you require a reminder to access Google classroom, please contact the office. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
There is a 'how to' guide on Google classroom below.