Year 4 - Swallows 2020

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Hello Swallows!
Below are a couple of photos of your new classroom. The walls are a little bare right now, but we can't wait to be able to quickly fill them up with your wonderful work!
We have a challenge for you. Can you spot the:
- Hand sanitiser
- What theme we might be learning about
- The English board
- The Maths board
- Where we keep the reading books
- Where you put your water bottle.
We can't wait to see you!
Miss Browne & Miss Monk
Learning from home
Week beginning 28/09/20
Please use the tasks below to help you along with this weeks learning.  We will update the you with work as regularly as possible.
English: Diary writing activity sheet
Spelling: Practice 3/4 spellings.
Math: Place value activities 
Science: Gas investigation
Homework task: See ideas sheet.
Miss Monk and Miss Browne
Spellings for the week: We are recapping year 3 spellings for the moment but feeling free to look further into year 3 and 4 spellings. see below.
1. Look at the list of year 3/4 words (PDF BELOW) and choose a word you think you need to practice.
2. Find ten words with this spelling pattern
3. Use look, cover, write, check to write each word three times.
4. Use the word in context. Copy out the sentence for each word from the website, write your own sentence, or copy the definition from a dictionary.
Math games and workbooks on place value.
Please look at adding and subtracting 100, 10 and 1 (22-09-20) but you may also look back at last weeks sheets if you have not done them.