Year 5 - Woodpeckers 2020

Welcome Woodpeckers - Year 5
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Hello Woodpeckers,
Weekly homework and weekly spellings will be on Google Classroom:
 There is also a PowerPoint that is labelled, 'Meet The Teacher'. This is usually a meeting that happens at the beginning of the year to get to know me and the way things are run in Year 5. As this is not able to happen, the PowerPoint is attached below. 
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Our Learning
Wonderful Water Summer 2021
What is a river?  
Where do rivers come from?
Where in the world are rivers?
What happens in the journey of a river?  
How do rivers affect our lives?
How do humans and animals impact rivers?  
During this topic, we will be learning about maps and atlases. Woodpeckers will learn about physical geography and how this is shown on maps. We will focus on the world and its continents initially, then zoom in on rivers in countries around the world, and finally focusing on Brighton and our local area.
We learnt about the journey of a river. To reenact this, we used half-pipes to represent the mountain, sand and soil to represent the sediment and water to represent the spring. The children filled their 'mountains' with 'sediment' and then watched what happened when the 'spring' had sprung! Lots of the sediment was washed away with the river and ended up at the bottom. This then represented the land below and proved that rivers shape our landscapes. We watched as distributaries were formed and floodplains emerged.
World Earth Day Summer 2021
Jo Fox - Space Fun(d)!
We had a very special visit from Jo Fox on Tuesday 18th May. She came in and taught us all about the moon landings. Our science topic back in Autumn term was learning about the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. This visit resurfaced a lot of knowledge from then while adding lots more! Thanks, Jo!
You can find out more about Space Fund here
Have a look at the pictures and the video below to see what we got up to.
Today we had Portals to the Past come and teach us all about the Greeks. We learnt lots about Athens and Sparta and also about philosophers, such as Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates and Aristotle.
Homework Goals!
Just have a read of these!

As I walked along the crooked pier, waves were crashing up against the hard rocks, the sea was angry and hissing its fury like a thousand snakes. I could smell the salt and feel the cold spray upon my shivering body like an icy claw.

Above the roar of the furious waves, the scream of the seagull deafened my ears and left a ringing tone that shook my body. The terrifying darkness of the clouds loomed across the dark, dull sky, thick with thunderclouds that spelled a raging storm. My fingers throbbed with the cold, I could no longer feel my toes and I was numb all over my body. My eyes scanned the horizon for the boat that I was hoping would save me and take me to safer shores. It was nowhere to be seen. 

As I trembled at the scene before me, the sea rose up like a firework, creating a wall that seemed as if it could never be crossed. The boat was not coming. I turned and fled, back to safety, out of the reach of the clutches of the sea.

George, Y5, 2021.


The burning sun shined like diamonds on the open water, the sand was hot like a cooking pan but still the leaves were cool like a winter’s day. The front of the water was turquoise green and merged into skylight blue. In the distance, you could make out a little island packed with trees, tropical animals and damp dirt. The sunbeds rest in the tree's shadow like a bug hiding in a hole.

Chloe, Y5, 2021.


The waves clashed and tumbled against the bridge as the gulls cried overhead. The salty brown rocks lay as the world went on around them. It was almost like they were sleeping. The clouds looked as they were about to spurt out water to places all around the world; gushing and splatting to the ground as new raindrops fall glistening.

Oscar, Y5, 2021.


The calm vivid sky hovered over the roaming wildlife as the meaningful trees bent above the dull ground. A fireball slowly falling from above the fluff balls. Darkness starts to take over the place. Peace takes its turn in playing its game.

Sophia, Y5, 2021.


The sun beat down on the trees in scintillating rays. The only shade to be found was from the shadows of the enormous palm trees; visors against the scorching sun. The pristine, white sand was as soft as silk. The blue, turquoise sea sloshed gently upon the sandy coastline. We were miles from home, but the beach, which all of us had only dreamed of, seemed to erase our worries.

Edie, Y5, 2021.