Year 6 - Kestrels 2020

Kestrels 2020/2021
Welcome to the Year 6 Page.
We have already been back at school for over a week and evryone is settling into the new routines. It has been great to have a full class of children again and to begin getting to know the new year 6 children.
We would normally meet parents at this time to discuss the coming year, for obvious reasons that is not possible this year, so we have added a PowerPoint which will hopefully answer many of the questions they may have.
Remember to use Google Classroom to access home work (if you have internet access).
Mr Hamilton and Mrs Price.
Updated 16th September, 2020
Click here to see our curriculum map for the year
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Autumn term 1 Project work.
Below is a copy of this 1/2 terms project work for the children to complete at home. It is also available on the Google Classroom site for year 6.
Topic: Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
We have a wonderful topic to start our learning in year 6-a mix of different cultures with Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. If you want to get ahead and get some background information I've added some links to different video clips.
We know it's been a while since you have completed any Maths work as a class and we will make sure you get lots of help and support throughout the year. I am adding a Maths Dictionary which is useful for keeping on top of the vocabulary you will hear  this year.
Science: Electricity
In Science we will begin with will recap and build upon previous learning, so to help you recap and get ahead, check out the videos below.

Circuits on Computers:

Check out… 

Work through the first four sections (icons at bottom).

Remember to read the information, complete the activity and take the quiz in each section…

 Can you light the first four stars?

English: Poetry
Enjoy the poetry by the year 6 children. We looked at a range of poetic formats and set the children the task of creating a poem based on our topic of The Vikings.