Year 6 - Kestrels 2020

Kestrels 2020/2021
Welcome to the Year 6 Page.
We have survivied another lockdown and have even enjoyed a few weeks back in the classroom as a year 6 class! Hopefully we will have no further lockdowns, and we can enjoy our last term at primary school together. The children have been amazing during lockdown and have made every effort to keep up to date with their learning. We have an exciting final term with lots of topics to interest and excite the children; on top of the topics mentioned below we will be ensuring we focus on the transition to secondary school-hopefully the children will get to meet their form tutors for next year and we will do everything we can to address questions and concerns they have before moving on. If the easing of lockdown goes to plan, we should be able to put on an end of year performance by the year 6 children-for those who have seen these before, they will know the effort the children put into this, but also the enjoyment and sense of pride it brings them. Of course there is one big change this term, Mrs Price has decided to turn her hand to new challenges and will be greatly missed; however, we are very fortunate to have Mrs Ritchie step in and she will be working with the children during this very important final term of primary school.
Mr Hamilton and Mrs Ritchie.
Updated 15th April, 2021.
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Geography: Fairtrade
We will be finding out about Fairtrade- how it works and why it is so important. This will link to the environment and ecology, something which we know the children are very passionate about.
The links below will give some information about how Fairtrade works.
The good news is we will have no SATs exams to prepare the children for this year, which means we have time to help the children close any gaps in their learning (which would not have been helped by the recent lockdowns). We will been making sure arithmetic skills are up to the standard expected for secondary school, and will focus on the topics of ratio, shape and statistics. We will then have time to develop the children's investigative and reasoning skills- combining many of the skills the children already have.
Use the link below to have some fun with Maths games.
In Science we will be taking time to finish our work on 'Evolution and Inheritance' before moving onto 'Living Things and their Habitats'. Check out the links below for further information. Of course, almost anything by David Attenborough should be encouraged as essential viewing!
We aim to produce a lot of Art this term: we will be exploring a range of printmaking techniques and hope to link this with packaging design for our Entrepreneurial Week. We also plan to explore Architiecture and link it to a eco-friendly design.
We will continue using Charanga to explore various types of music-this term we will focus on Music and Me, which explores the influence of women in music. We also hope to be able to put on an end of year performance where the children will have the opportunity to showcase their acting and musical talents.
We will be exploring the use of excel to present data and statistics in a link with our Maths work.
Hopefully you have all enjoyed seeing the Art work completed by the children this term We have created our own batik pictures. Check out the photgraphs of the children's work. We have also added the Art work we completed during our Science work last term.
Autumn term 1 Project work.
Thanks to all the children who have completed their work...check out some of the images of their work.
English: Poetry
Enjoy the poetry by the year 6 children. We looked at a range of poetic formats and set the children the task of creating a poem based on our topic of The Vikings.