Year 6 - Kestrels 2021/2022

Kestrels 2021/22
Welcome to the Year 6 Page.
We had a fantastic World War 2 Day, where the children dressed as evacuees . The slide show is available for viewing in the gallery at the bottom of the page.
Mr Hamilton and Mrs Henson.
Updated 14/01/22
Click here to see our curriculum map for the year
Ask Me Abouts
Ask me abouts will be added to keep you informed about what we have been doing and what we intend to do.
In Maths we will be finishing the work on fractions before moving onto decimals and percentages. Continue to use the link below to explore maths skills through games. Don't forget to continue visiting Times Tables Rockstars to build and devleop on your times tables knowledge.
Ashton Vale Primary School - Time Tables Rock Stars
Maths Games for KS2: designed by a teacher for teachers - Mathsframe
History: World War Two
History will explore the inportance of the Battle of Britain; Evacuees and KinderTransport; the roles of women in World War Two. We will also have a visit from a theatre company, to find out about the role of the British Empire in the war and a visit to Newhaven Fort , to gather information about the impact of the war locally. Meanwhile, build upon your knowledge through the BBC pages below:
WW2 Evacuation Facts - Primary Facts
We will be reading the book, 'Goodnight, Mr Tom' by Michelle Magorian.
Attached is a PDF copy of the text, for any of you who would like to read ahead.
Your Science topics will be:

Light: How does light travel? How does this affect how we see things?

Evolution and Inheritance: What is evolution and how does it work? How are animals and plants adapted to their environement?

 Use the links to explore the topics or recap what you already know...

7 of the best light worksheets and resources for KS1 & KS2 science      Evolution and Inheritance ppt lessons – Primary KS2 teaching resource -  Scholastic

You will be finding out about the art of Henry Moore-especially during World War 2. Check out the Tate information page...
The Shelter Drawings: Henry Moore as a War Artist - What's on - Henry Moore  Foundation

Spring Project Work
Each term we expect you to carry out a project at home which gives you time to focus on a longer piece of work. You will then get the opportunity to share and present your work to the class. You can choose one of the tasks from the attached page, or come up with an idea of your own relating to the work we cover in class this term.
Other Subjects
Check out the links to World War 2 music and find out what encryption is.