Year 6 - Kestrels 2022/2023

Kestrels 2022/23
Welcome to the Year 6 Page.
This term the children will have lots of exciting opportunities- starting with their performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with the support of Opera Brava and year 5 (check out the Opera Brava page  for more information); they will also take part in the boat making challenge, run by the wonderful STEM ambassadors; then they will be creating and running their own stalls for the Christmas Fair- showcasing their entreprenaurial skills, as they raise money for the PTA.
Mr Hamilton and Mrs Henson.
White Winter Snow
Updated 1/11/22

Click here to see our curriculum map for the year
Ask Me Abouts
Ask me abouts will be added to the school website fortnightly to keep you informed about what we have been doing and what we intend to do.
 In this Autumn term we will look at applying the four operations to develop the children's knowldge of fractions. We will explorehow to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, while recapping previous work on simplifying and finding equivalent fractions.
Use  BBC bitesize for support.
Fractions Explained - A Guide for Parents
Please continue to encourage the children to use the
link below to explore maths skills through games.
Don't forget to continue visiting Times Tables Rockstars to build and devleop on times tables knowledge, as a good recall of times tables facts makes the other learning much easier.

Maths Games for KS2: designed by a teacher for teachers - Mathsframe
Humanities: Mountains and Volcanoes
We will be finding out about volcanoes and mountains:how they are formed, where they are located and their impact on the environments and people who live near them. Use the links below to get ahead with your learning.
The Andes mountains.
Lava flowing down Mount Etna during an eruption.

Some of the books we will be exploring this term, should you wish to read ahead...
This term the class reader will be When The Mountains Roared.
Short! by Kevin Crossley-Holland (9780192781482) The Man Who Walked Between the Towers : Mordicai Gerstein:  BooksShackleton's Journey – Nobrow PressWhen the Mountains Roared: Butterworth, Jess, Biddulph, Rob:  0001510102116: Books
Spelling and Grammar
Both topics will be covered throughout year 6, through all our learning. Use the link below to the excellent Topmarks site for games and activities which will help you with your learning.
We will begin our computing with a reminder of the E-safety rules, which we should all be aware of...use the BBC site as a reminder. Why not have a go at the Band Runner game from the Think U Know site, to see how e-safe you are?
What are viruses and malware?
E-safety - Mersey Park Primary School
Play the Thinkuknow Band Runner game - Own It - BBC
Your Science topics will be:
Electricity and Animals, including Humans.
Get ahead with your learning through the BBC links below.

We will be finding out about the topic of batik-find out more from the links below.
The R&D Studio blends art, culture and animation seamlessly - BASKL

We have been  finding out about Islam and the pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca).
this term we will  explore the question-Was Jesus the Messiah?
Use the link below to gather further information about Islam and the Hajj.
What is the Hajj pilgrimage? - CBBC Newsround
Other subjects.
In PSHE we will celebrate 'Being me in the World ' and 'Being Different'.
In PE will be covering Tag Rugby and and the children will visit Hurst College to develop their swimming skills..
We will have French, DT and Music to look forward to.
This will be a showcase space for work produced this year.
The STEM Ambassadors returned to year 6 as part of our DT and Science work. They informed the children of the different roles undertaken by engineers and surveyors, and ran a boat design workshop. The children got the chance to design, make, test, modify and race against each other- it was a fabulous day and the children loved the creative opportunities the day provided.