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Phonics Information for Parents

Here you can download the PowerPoint presentation that goes through what phonics is and how we teach it in Years R, 1 and 2.
Use these phoneme flashcards to help children create simple words. Simply print them, cut them out individually, and allow children to build and blend simple words.
Use these phoneme word cards to support your child's early reading. Children should begin to read the words by first saying the letter sounds and then blending them together e.g. c/u/p - cup!
~ Phonics Resources ~
Below you will find reading and phonics resources to support your child's learning journey at home. In Reception, we learn all Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonemes (sounds). During phonics lessons, we practice recognising the sound that the letter makes when we say it out loud, and follow it up by looking at things that begin with that letter sound - or that contain the sound within such as the "ck" in d/u/ck. After this, we will blend (read) simple words containing the letter sounds that we have learnt.
We also practice writing the letter sounds we are learning as well as segmenting the sounds (breaking them down) in a word in order to write them - e.g. p-i-n. When writing, we always have a sound mat available so that children can practice correct letter formation and so that they can find the sounds they're thinking of.
We have learnt all phase 2 and phase 3 letter sounds so far, as well as phase 2 and 3 tricky words. We are now working on phase 4.
Tricky Words! These are words that we cannot sound out and blend, thus making them tricky. For these words, children will need to learn them by sight. We generally expect children to learn the first six words of these tricky word flashcards (the ones in orange), by Christmas. These are the phase 2 tricky words.
~ Phonics Websites/Games that support early reading ~